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Party Poker Lobby
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Join for a $500 welcome bonus + FREE entry to a $5,000 Freeroll

Party Poker Overall

Party Poker is probably one of the most well known poker brands of all time and there was a time when it dominated the market. Whilst times have changed, it's still a powerhouse in it's own right. It does still host some some 30% of the online market - although this is well behind the market leader - Pokerstars. Partypoker.com hosts thousands of games every day from the lower limits all the way up to sub million and million dollar tournaments and the site attracts all walks of life, big and small. They are one of a few sites that can boast more than 30,000 during off peak hours - and they are growing month by month.

The site has seen a resurgence more recently since they entered the US market again in New Jersey. They have worked hard at the usability of their lobby through a number of overhauls, and they're much better for it. Their lobby and tables now give better graphics and considerably more functionality. Their new-look Lobby views which are much cleaner, Quick Search feature, multi tabling capabilities and favorites area mean your can find the right game for yourself, fast. The software supports Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven-Card Stud and Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo and support is offered in 12 different languages. In terms of what to expect. Expect loose play! The site attracts more newbies than any other site and it is littered with low skilled players right across the cash games and tournaments.

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Party Poker Presentation

This was an area that historically we had a gripe about. Whilst the overall presentation has always been there about, the lobby always looked pretty busy which wasn't that appealing. There have been a number of changes and it's considerably better today. The lobby also comes with everything you would expect from a top site. Games are easy to find and the graphics are now good. From a personal view point we are impressed with the amount of information available to players and the way it's presented - there's a lot of support reading on each game and the statistical information available is excellent. All in all - a good score throughout.

Their Software

There have been a series of upgrades over the last few years to cope with the volume of players that they regularly have playing on site, often surpassing 100,000.

The lobby has most of the statistical information that you need although view flop percentages are not available with games being somewhat protected. This is a real loss as it is not so easy to locate the nice juicy games, of which there are plenty. On the plus side hands played per hour and average pot is displayed (calculated over the last 20 hands) as is the number of players waiting to be seated.

The software supports Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven-Card Stud and Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo in 12 different languages and players can play up to 12 tables at the same time. There is a re-sizing option which allows you to resize as many tables as you have open in order that you can fit perfectly to your screen. They also have 'Hot Hand' alert which tells you when you get a specific hand like Aces or Kings and boast their very own version of speed poker (much like Zoom or Rush Poker) where players can play thousands of hands more than in a standard ring game. In addition the site allows black jack play, deal-making, and side bets while playing poker. You can even play play poker from the same table that you are playing poker. There are good statistics available and you can access the Casino and Bingo from the Poker interface. All the regular trimmings like player notes and hand histories are all available.


Exclusive 2015 Sign up Bonus

Join today and there's $50 welcome bonus. Simply make a deposit of $500 and they will match it by $500, paid in chunks as you play. The standard bonus if you visit Party Poker directly is only $50. On deposit, you'll also be given access into the next weekly new player $5,000 booster tournament which is free to enter, as well as a few other new player tournaments.

Party Poker Promotions - 2015

The level of promotions is always very good - the reason why the level of players to the tables has always remained high.

Guaranteed Prize Pools

The minimum prize pool is guaranteed on all tournaments, from a $1 re buy to a $530 NL Freeze out. With $16 Million in guaranteed tournaments every month, there is plenty of action to be found. Here are a few of the promotions to look forward to:

$5,000 Bankroll Booster - Freeroll

To get involved, simply join through Top15Poker, create a user account, make your first real money deposit and you'll be given access. The prize money is paid in cash and there's no withdrawal requirements. What you win, you keep.

Fast Forward Poker

Fast Forward is their equivalent of speed poker in which players can fold their cards straight away without having to wait for other players to act.

Poker Legends

They are rewarding their top 2,400 tournament players every week with 2,400 prizes! Take a seat at any of their MTT's from Monday to Sunday and your points could land you a spot as a Poker Legend.

WPT Steps

Party Poker is one of the best sites to qualify for World Poker Tour (WPT) events - you'll find qualifiers to most WPT event. Play in the popular WPT steps tournaments to win your seat cheap!

Traffic / Popularity

Traffic isn't as high as it used to be, in the era of Partypoker.com dominance but there are still good numbers at the site. Peak traffic in ring games often reaches up to 19,000 - 25,000 real money players. Tournament traffic is very good with anywhere up to 60,000 tournament players playing during peak times. This is no surprise as Partypoker.com hosts a large number of online tournaments worldwide and is currently 4th best worldwide. Traffic often reaches as high as 90,000 although levels have more recently been around the 75,000 mark.

Fish Factor

The site has very loose games which is hardly surprising considering the volume of new players and casino players players that play on the site. As such there are a ton of fish around and it's not particularly difficult to locate. It won't take long to notice the loose calls. One of the downsides is that the games are protected as view flop percentages are not shown in the lobby. Still it's not difficult to locate the loose games. Historically you would generally need to look in the lower limit games to find soft opponents. Not here - the site has such a vast amount of players and a large proportion of them don't know what they're doing. You will very often find very loose games in the middle limit stakes (up to $5-$10).

Customer Service / Support

The customer service is excellent. You can contact the customer services team by email, phone or live support. Support response times are always nearly instant with all our live support trials being responded to in under 45 seconds. There is also a FAQ section on the site which is pretty thorough and answers most general questions.

Complaints on Record

No recent complaints on record. See what other people are saying about this site in our Party Poker player reviews.


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