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Lederer Motion To Dismiss Post-mortem By The Press

By Richard Zikakis at 2012-12-18 21:25:57

Former founder of Full Tilt Poker Howard Lederer is going heads up against the Department of Justice again. Only this time he is receiving support from fellow founder Chris Ferguson. Lederer’s attorneys have filed another motion to dismiss the charges against him, on the supplements claim lists, and some rather interesting tid-bits are coming out of the news. This is just an updated version of his original motion to dismiss.

Howard LedererWe now know that Lederer owned a great deal of property and a lot of cars. It seems that one of the cars he purchased was also bought after the Black Friday fracas took place. We also know that neither he, nor Chris Ferguson are allowed to have anything at all to do with the recent re-launch of FTP.

Currently he owns a list of motor vehicles that’s as long as my arm, so together with these and his property, the US Department of Justice are itching to get their hands on as much property as they can. The list includes; a 2008 Audi Q7, an 08 Audi A8L, 09 Audi A, 2012 Audi A8-L, and a 1965 Shelby Cobra roadster. He certainly likes his Audi’s doesn’t he?

The motions to dismiss claim that the SAC against the online poker boss, is so structurally complex that it would take a map-reader to understand what the allegations are, and against who they are directed. It barely mentions Lederer, while Ray Bitar seems to have taken the fall.

There are no complaints that allege or prove that Lederer was involved in any bank fraud, and Government asset claims don’t connect correctly to him or his property. But there is much more than this, and this poker pro’s reputation has been damaged by what they believe are “bare, unsupported allegations regarding violations of unspecified state laws”.

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