Aggressive Poker Players

Aggressive Player Vs the Passive PlayerAn 'aggressive' poker player in poker (verb: to be aggressive) is the name given to a player who bullies a lot of pot, these players tend to continually raise in an attempt to force other players out of a hand. In poker, raises are considered aggressive and check raises, very aggressive.

When playing short handed games or playing at a table where players are very passive, a good player will use aggressive poker to force chips out of their opponents. This is a profitable move due to the value of the bluff. To counteract aggression, players are usually forced into playing more hands than they would normally play, and with this comes mistakes and the opportunity for the aggressor to earn even more money - certainly more than would have been possible through a passive play.

Whilst aggression at a poker table is a sign of strength, it is important for this type of player to mix things up. If a player is always raising - they're often referred to as a 'Maniac' - no explanations needed there. Other players quickly realize that they aren't playing premium hands - in fact, they have a wide starting hand range. To a good player, this is easily exploitable.

For those that are not classed as 'Maniacs', aggressive play can be used when you need your hand to improve in order to win. As this style of play gives the impression of strength, the value of deception is immense and gives the aggressor more chance of winning the pot. The aggressor could raise forcing everyone else to fold, thus winning the pot, or they make their hand to take down the pot. This is key as the more cards you give your opponent, the more chance they have of making a hand.

Most theorists on poker say that aggression is a must have tool, however having it in your arsenal and using it at the right time is an even greater skill - two very different concepts to master.

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