Titan Poker VIP Upgrade

Posted:May 2012

I am happy to update that online poker site: Titan Poker , have launched their upgraded Titan Rewards Program which delivers a new set of competitive and innovative loyalty plans that provide great rewards for all types of poker players. Here are a few of the improvements that have been delivered.

1.      An improved VIP system that includes significant improvements such as daily VIP level upgrades, monthly cash rewards and a special Annual VIP level for top players

2.      A “Monthly Cash” plan for casual & recreational players, offering unmatched rewards for small players that usually do not receive any rewards in other card rooms.
In Titan Poker we will convert their loyalty points into cash rewards automatically every month.  The plan is simple, innovative and very attractive.

3.      Titan Treasures – for the first time, players are being rewarded just for playing and not for spending…Every time a player completes an “achievement” – he will earn Gold Coins. 

There are various achievements matched for every player, for example: Finish a tournament in a paid position (“in the money”) – and earn 50 gold coins.  Finish in the last place - earn 200 coins. Once you have collected enough Coins, you can use them to trade for 1 of 3 Treasure Tickets to win one of many great prizes.

This upgrade is good news for Titan Poker players, and goes a long way to match their already very competitive player promotions. Join today for one of the biggest bonuses in the industry. Get a whopping 200% up to $2,000 welcome bonus and through Top15Poker, get $10,000 in new player freerolls.

Join Titan Poker today using bonus code 'FREEBCASH' to ensure you get assigned to this exciting welcome package.

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