Online Poker – Is FTP Re-Launch Making A Difference?

Posted:December 2012

It is hard to believe that an online poker brand, especially a name that has been in so much trouble, could genuinely spark this much interest. But spark interest it has, and despite fears that the re-launch of FTP (Full Tilt Poker) might cannibalize PokerStars’ player- base, these fears have thus far proved unfounded. It has been estimated that as many as 400,000 former FTP players have taken back to the troubled site during the first week of the site going live. We have seen reports of a 10% increase in overall online poker traffic.

While we're not fooled into believing that all of these players have returned to FTP to re-register and play, the 8,500 average daily cash game players being counted at Full Tilt, gives us an idea of the numbers. Estimates are also saying that about a quarter of this number have been rustled from other websites. The first day player count average was 8,900, which dropped by 10% but is still only 1,000 players below Black Friday and thereafter its shut-down levels.

iPoker and have been losing traction, and we see about 5% that have migrated to FTP. If they can keep up this level of action, this brand will also remain in the number two “popularity” slot, which is quite remarkable considering what the brand put their members through. It speaks volume for their previously reputation. Another element which has helped their numbers is the type and range of of promotions they had, and now again have on offer.

Their immediate success was not something that could have been predicted, if anything we would have thought they might have got off to a rocky start. PokerStars obviously knew what they were doing by raising this Phoenix from the ashes of its premature death. But will the novelty factor wear off? Is it in fact novelty?? We're not sure. One thing is for sure, when it comes to knowing how to run a poker room and stay one step ahead of the competition, PokerStars is KING. Doubting that they will apply the same business excellence to Full Tilt Poker would be niaive. The site is likely to grow from strength from strength, which is testament to Stars.


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