What Phil Ivey knows that we should know

Posted:January 2013

Online poker is to a degree a contentious subject, despite the fact that this business has become a mainstream industry. In recent news we have seen a great many different opinions regarding the future of the industry and if, and when it will ever bear fruit in the USA. Phil Ivey is a well-respected poker player, who was also a pro player with FTP when it flopped, and has also recently launched a website of his own.

When talking about his personalized poker site, he had a few interesting observations to make regarding the way people learn to play. In fact he went as far as to say that "people aren't learning how to play" and it was for this reason he decided to start his own platform.

He was speaking to ESPN at the time, and chatted about not only his website, and its instruction techniques, but also about FTP.

We all know that poker skill comes about from hours and hours of practice. In the old days this used to be 'years and years', but online poker has changed all that. Besides experience, it is possible to teach potential players skill according to Ivey, and he has committed himself to teaching these skills. After all, who better to learn from than somebody who has made it big in this game? He wants to show players how to do things the right way, and the right way as far as he is concerned is to learn the powers of observation. In other words – empirical knowledge!

The new website has also added a new pro to their line-up - James “Flushy” Dempsey – he joins Ivey, Greg Merson, Jennifer Harman, Patrik Antonius, and Cole South as pro instructors. This is one heck of a line-up; Greg Mersen was the last poker player standing at the 2012 WSOP Main Event. If you are looking for some expert poker instruction, I'm sure there will plenty of gems to come out of the site. The training isn't currently available however might be a good site to bookmark. Visit the site here.

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