Lucky Ace Royal Flush Jackpot

Posted:June 2013

Lucky Ace Poker have launched a Royal Flush Jackpot which can reap massive rewards. You don’t have to be playing a slot machine to get in on a progressive jackpot. You can take part in their “Royal Flush Jackpot,” which is worth at least $25,000. That total grows with every hand until the jackpot is hit. Lucky Ace Poker puts $.50 into the Royal Flush Jackpot for every raked hand.

In the menu of tournaments in the poker room, Lucky Ace marks a green icon next to the tables where you can participate in the Royal Flush Jackpot. The word “Royal” is also listed next to the table. Once you’re playing at a Royal Flush table, you are given the option for every hand whether you want to make the extra bet to take part in the jackpot. You have the option of an automatic Jackpot bet for every hand while you remain at the table. After the betting for each hand has ended, a green “JP” will appear next to the name of every player who made a separate Royal Flush Jackpot bet. If a player did not make a jackpot bet, a red icon will appear in the name box. If you get a Royal Flush with Spades, you will receive 100% of the jackpot.

If your Royal Flush is in another suit, you will still get 10% of the jackpot. A straight flush pays out 2% of the jackpot, while four-of-a-kind is also rewarded with one half of one percent. Only winning hands are eligible for the jackpot.

In addition to this, deposit up to $400 and get a FREE $400.

How does the $400 Bonus Work?

Simply make your first deposit and every time you accumulate 100 Bonus Points, they will drop a $10 portion of your bonus into your LuckyAcePoker bankroll! You can accumulate BPs not only by playing cash games, but also via tournament buy-ins, or even at the casino tables! And while you're accumulating BPs, you're also earning Status points that can be converted into free cash. There will always be a bonus meter above your table while you play so you can see how far you've come and how much you have left to go to get your money.


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