PKR Poker Releases An App For iOS Mobile Players

Posted:July 2013

PKR is one of few gambling sites well-known for the high-quality 3D graphics it offers to its members. PKR’s realistic poker room has long been displaying high-quality visuals for both its MAC and PC users. Some of their casino games, specifically Roulette and Blackjack, have also been available in 3D on their mobile devices and to date, the lack of mobile poker capabilities on the site has been seen as a real miss.

PKR has just come out with their first poker mobile app for its iOS users. It displays the game in the same high quality graphics its members have become used to seeing on their computers. The new PKR mobile poker app can now be played for real money and is available throughout the UK. PKR did not rush out this new app, preferring to take their time perfecting the software and eliminating any evident glitches for their mobile players.

The new app has so far proved a hit and is being downloaded in volumes as members seek out the added convenience it offers. PKR Poker members now have the chance to play poker in the palm of their hand no matter where they are while still having an outstanding visual experience. The new app offers many different poker formats. The games offered are Texas Hold ‘em-both cash tables and Sit & Go-s-Pot Limit Omaha and Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo.

Currently the new mobile app from PKR is available at the Apple store, but Android users will also soon have access to the app and all the convenience and entertainment that it offers to members of PKR Poker. At this stage, it's too early to tell whether the app will prove to be a success of not. Time will tell. 

To play poker in the most realistic 3D environment to date, visit PKR to get started.


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