The Rise in Sports Betting

Posted:February 2019

Sports betting is actually very difficult to measure in terms of size largely as a result of many markets around the world being unregulated. That said, sports betting is said to make up to 40% of the overall global gaming market. Whilst betting has increased, poker has actually declined in recent years.
For instance, in 2010, poker accounted for c 20% of the overall market whilst sports betting accounted for about 35%. Fast forward nearly a decade and as of 2019, poker has reduced to 7% whilst sports betting has increased to c 40%.
Looking forward to 2020 and 2021 and poker is estimated to stay relatively static however sports betting is expected to increase the gap and become even more popular.
The UK is Europe's largest sports betting market due to the liberalization of online gambling and the c9,000 retail outlets that currently exist across the UK. More than 56% of the total 2017 betting market was generated online - which goes a long way to show the shift to mobile technologies. As a direct result of this, there has been a massive amount of money spent to make sure mobile apps work to keep players playing  - which is good for players as it means significant and regular improvements to online apps. 

Taking the Plunge and Choosing an Online Sports betting Site to Play 

It costs you absolutely nothing to see what's on offer, in the same way that it costs nothing to walk into a shop and look around. Players should never be under any obligation to deposit or commit to anything when signing up at any gaming site. 
One of the best things you can do is to go ahead and play at multiple gaming websites - this is the only way you will really be able to make a proper comparison on whats on offer. The reason is simple – the offer of sports markets and odds may vary from one bookmaker to another, but they all offer tempting and attractive deposit bonuses and promotion deals. What if one bookie has better ante-post betting options and another is perfect for in-play sessions? Your primary concern is to have the best possible experience and make the most out of online betting.
There are a number of good starting points if you're looking to get started. We found the team of professionals over at Nostrabet know all you need to know on sports betting and offer a good range of comparisons and guides on the best online bookies. They show you how to register and explain the process of depositing and cashing out, as well as how to navigate around the website using the various features on offer. Furthermore, the reviews offer an in-depth explanation of available bonuses, affiliate programs, and other reasons why you might consider a particular bookie. 

So what about poker - boom or bust?

Let's be clear, whilst the poker market might have seen some decline - this is to be expected. During the boom years, the number of players playing daily went through the roof, but this wasn't sustainable. There are still a huge amount of poker players worldwide - you only have to go to sites like PokerStars and see 300,000 players logged in and playing at peak hours.
The fact that global revenue from gambling is expected to reach some $635 billion by 2022 which is c 6% increase from figures as at 2016, speaks volumes. As for poker, well this increase has poker playing an increasingly smaller role year on year is a little concerning and if poker is to turn that trend around, some serious investment is needed to adapt to changing player demands to ensure it remains attractive to newcomers and enthusiasts alike.
Looking ahead at the next few years, one thing is clear - those that don't adapt and evolve will be in trouble. As players decline, there is always the temptation for operators to cut investment, a move that would almost certainly send player retention rates on an even faster downward trend.


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