Top Poker Myths you Should Stop Believing

Posted:November 2020

Whether you are a newbie playing poker player or a seasoned player, you'll likely have heard people discussing poker. We have compiled some of the more common myths that should be taken with a pinch of salt.
This myth busting article applies whether you are playing real poker, playing at a land-based casino and of course extends to online video poker

The game is rigged

This is one of the most common myths and misconceptions not only about poker but for online gambling as its whole. We hate to lose. When we do the only sensible reason we can accept is that the game is rigged. Is it possible ? Anything is possible, but it is highly unlikely. Any game that relies on programming that someone has written could be written in a way so as to give the house an unfair advantage. Sadly this is the case - the house has the edge is most games. In a poker game, the house collects rake. On a video poker game, the game is programmed to pay out at a certain level. But this doesn't mean it's rigged. This would be illegal. Poker is an odds game. This means the most unlikely of scenarios will happen from time to time. Curiously, you don't hear people say the game is rigged when they win a long shot. Interesting.
Games, especially those from real and legitimate betting sites, must meet strict regulatory controls to ensure fair play and the right levels of security. In a poker game that relies on software (such as online poker or video poker), a random number generator is used to ensure there is no discernible pattern in the cards that are dealt. They are dealt randomly. Although RNG is not fail-proof and can still be exploited, it would require a wide range of technical knowledge and a lot of time to even try to break the system. The game is not rigged. Win some lose some.

You need to always bluff

The people who believe in this particular myth are people who do not have much experience and likely post regular losses on their balance sheet. This particular myth is that poker hands are always won through bluffing and this couldn't be further from the truth. Is bluffing important, yes. Can you win money without the ability to bluff, probably not. But it's not the only way to win. It is a skill that seasoned players perfect and another way they can win money at the table. 
The beauty of poker is that you can win a hand with the worst cards. So the attraction from this ability to bluff a player off a big hand with nothing is immensely powerful. Real poker is more than that. Poker involves a complex process of mathematics, counting, analysis, strategy, and more in combination.

Poker is an easy way to make money

This is probably the biggest myth of all. Poker may seem simple enough but dig a little deeper and you'll realise how complex the game is. To win in the long run, you will need discipline, determination and a lot of patience. Whilst anyone can win any one hand of poker - after all it is part a game of chance - winning in the long run takes more than a few lucky cards. It's actually incredibly tough to make money playing poker and this is backed up by level of players who fail to achieve a profit.
While you can indeed win huge amounts of money from poker, it does not happen overnight or in just one game, and it does not happen easily. You need to work your way into mastering essential poker skills, perfecting a strategy, and learning all the complex elements that surround this fun and entertaining game. It is estimated that only 10% of players win regularly. 

Poker is a game of chance

This is a trickier one for the reason that in some ways it's true. Most gambling games are based on some form of chance and luck. Others are pure luck. Take for example games of slots and roulette. There's not a lot of skill that goes into that and whilst some might argue winning strategies that say otherwise, i would tend to disagree.
The one area that is out of our control are the cards that fall. This element of the game is very much luck. But that's as far as luck goes. Good poker players know how to control pots and what they invest as they know that anything can happen. The skill here comes from making sure that you are not going home broke due to the fall of a few cards. Good players learn how to minimise losses and maximise their wins. The skills of a good poker player extend far and beyond how the cards fall - and that is the reason they see success.
Poker is a game of skill with an element of luck thrown in. Managing that unknown factor in the right way is what differentiates a winning player from a losing statistic.


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