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The positive attitude towards poker Downswings Posted:February 2021

You might not have ever thought that a poker downswing could be a good thing, right? Understanding the impact a poker downswing has on the mind is important so we can learn to use these situations to our advantage. ...

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The positive attitude towards poker Downswings

You might not have ever thought that a poker downswing could be a good thing, right? Understanding the

Biggest $55 = $1M

The Biggest $55 is set to draw a big crowd. With the MicroMillions series drawing to a close,

Daniel Negreanu Bids Farewell to PokerStars

For 12 years, superstar poker pro Daniel Negreanu has served as the “face” for the PokerStars brand. The

Party Poker Announces Diamond Club Elite

Party Poker has announced the launch of 'Diamond Club Elite' on top of their existing VIP program, which

The 7 Most Famous Hands won at Showdown

A look across the history archives and 7 famous hands won at showdown, some of them on the

Can you play poker online using cryptocurrency?

Many of the world’s top sites use regular “fiat currency” like the dollar for transactions and buy-ins. All

Mixing Traveling with Competing

Over the years, important events such as championships and tournaments have experienced a slight increase in participants, with

Top Tips to Improve your Game

Read these simple tips to employ that will almost certainly improve your game. We feature some of the

Making Money Playing Online Poker

Take a look at what you need to do to turn your game around to be making money

Poker Pro – Beth Shak, Sued For Her Slew of Shoes Posted:September 2012

Three years after her divorce from poker pro Daniel Shak, Beth Shak’s shoes have finally caught his attention. Beth is also a poker pro and has apparently has as many pairs of shoes as Imelda Markos. He is now suing...

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Fast Fold'em Poker - Faster Than A Speeding Bullet Posted:September 2012

Online gambling in all of its forms is popular with millions of people. How high up the list online poker sites, is debatable, but it's definitely right up there as one of the most populat card games anywhere.  To keep...

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Play PKR - Professional Poker Program Posted:September 2012

One of the most brilliant things about playing poker online, is not only the mere convenience and the fact that you can win big money without leaving your house. In terms of personal development, this can leave new players a...

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Prison For Online Poker Players – Surely Not Posted:September 2012

Eleven people have found themselves in very hot water last week in the Medan District of North Sumatra, Indonesia. While we know that Sharia law is pretty tense, we had no idea that people could be sent to jail for...

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World Poker Tour Montreal – Why Not Make a Date? Posted:September 2012

The US online poker player has actually found refuge to play their favorite way from a handful of places close to home. One such a hot spot is Canada, and while we did not see a massive migration, a number...

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“Skill” in Poker Proven By Scientific Research Posted:September 2012

In recent times, one of the most contentious arguments surrounding the game of poker, and/or online poker, has been whether this is a gambling game or a game of skill. Most poker fans and players agree that it is a...

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Dracula Poker Bleeds To Death & Closes Crypt Doors Posted:September 2012

It is always sad when an online poker site closes down, and while some do really well, poker is not the kind of game that works hand-in hand with too many gimmicks. One such gimmicky website – Dracula Poker –...

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Bwin Poker partners with Manchester United Posted:September 2012

It seems that while some Governments have problems allowing online gambling firms to sponsor sporting teams – in the UK this is a none-issue. A short while ago it was news that the Spanish Government had objected to Bwin.Party Poker...

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Betfair Poker Threatens Cyprus With Legal Action Posted:September 2012

Where Cyprus seemed to be a haven for online gambling operations at one point in time, the government is now dealing harshly with operators who are situated in their country. Online poker is gambling online. Recent reports see the Government...

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Choose your Currency at William Hill Poker Posted:September 2012

For some strange reason only known to this brand, William Hill Poker has not had tables available in the currency of your choice, which in the past had seemed a little strange, given their size and reputation. We are pleased...

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Poker Sponsored Pro Debts Part of a $713 Million Deal Posted:August 2012

A $713 Million deal is a massive amount of money, and this is basically what it will cost PokerStars to rescue Full Tilt Poker. Back when Group Bernard Tapie was planning to rescue the beleaguered site, they also claimed that...

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Qualify For the PokerStars WCOOP 2012 Posted:August 2012

The 2012 WCOOP is coming soon, starting on the 2nd September - and this one isn't to be missed. This is the World Championships for online poker players, and if you are a die-hard online poker fan, it is THE...

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Michael Phelps Dives Into The Online Poker Pool Posted:August 2012

Olympic swimmer – Michael Phelps – is obviously of the competitive bent, he picks up gold medals for swimming right, left and center, and has recently revealed that he is an avid online poker fan. After receiving some tutelage from...

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2012 British Poker Awards - Nominees Vying For Honors Posted:August 2012

It's always nice to be able to recognize tallent, and poker is no exception. Awards ceremonies take place all the time, all around the world, in pretty much every discipline there is. The fact that people like to get honors...

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Giant in Online Poker Website Makes News With One Hundred BILLIONTH Hand! Posted:August 2012

It seems that in recent time, the only online poker site in the news is the online giant PokerStars (PS). They are the ones grabbing the headlines and making the headlines recently is the fact that they are soon going...

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