Playing Limit Hold'em with Loose Play

If you are a limit Texas Holdem player, one of the situations you will often find that you are seated at a very loose table. Most people who consider themselves strong poker players think a loose table is a dream. Players often rate how "good" a game is by how many loose players are sitting in it. In the lobby of online rooms, you'll see view flop percentages which indicates exactly this. The higher the percentage, the better the game to be in.

Loose games aren't difficult to find online. Online poker players are notoriously loose as players often struggle to treat digital chips with the same respect as real ones. It's a fact that most of the players eager to find these games do not know how to handle these games when they find them.

The best type of game for a strong player is one with a mix of loose and tight players. It's also important that players are predictable and adhere to a certain type of style. Limit games can be a tricky prospect. In loose games, players are not folding which can be frustrating. The protection that limit games offer means, it's more important than ever to get to showdown with the best hand. This means being more selective with hands we continue with.

You should play only the very premium of hands. This means you will be throwing away a lot of playable hands. In fact, you will see your opponents win big pots with much worse hands - but that's ok. Waiting patiently for big hands hands is the right play, even though these hands might not always hold up. You must not lose focus. When you have a big hand, you must bet it aggressively until you think you are beaten.

As a part of your limit Holdem strategy, it's important to be able to recognise when to dump the hand. The fact you waited a long time for a monster matters little. If you think you're done - fold. It's important to read up on pot odds and the probability of making your hand. We still want to


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