Popularity of Poker

When you ask someone to name a casino game, there's a good bet they will mention poker. Poker has become the most popular casino game played in both land based and online casinos. While other games like bingo and roulette and blackjack are popular, they simply don’t have the following that the game of poker commands. There are many reasons as to why poker has become such as popular casino game.

The success of poker can be attributed to the development of online casinos. They have had a profound effect on the game’s importance and promotion. While some people may not have lived within close proximity to a casino, they can now access from home at the click of a few buttons. There are a lot of players who don't necessarily know the game well enough to feel confident enough to play at a land based casino.

The thought of sitting at a poker table in a land based casino is rather daunting for some, especially as a beginner. Online casinos and online poker rooms have made it simple for people to play and learn as they go. Best of all - without needing to deal with players face to face.

Texas Hold'em is by far the most popular of all poker games, both in card rooms and online casinos. Another popular game within the Casino arena is Draw poker in which players are able to discard unwanted cards and receive replacements they hope will improve their hands. The actual number of cards they can draw depends upon the variation of the game. Some versions are three card draw and others have as many as five draws. .

Casino RoyalOf all the casino games, poker is the one game that appears in movies more than any other. It can be seen both live on television and in Hollywood blockbusters. With the mental aspect of the game, it adds drama and tension to a movie plot, whether it is a dedicated casino movie or not. Many of the movie scenes involving poker have become hugely popular. Three movies with top poker scenes include “The Gambler”, “Rounders” and “Casino Royale”.

The 1980 movie, The Gambler, not only offers viewers some exciting casino scenes but some sagacious advice, “You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, and know when to run." The movie depicts the story of an experience gambler providing advice on poker to a stranger while traveling on a train. While this movie is based upon a song, it does provide scenes with exciting poker action.

Some movies help promote the game of poker. This is true for the 1998 movie, Rounders. In this movie, Matt Damon stars as a law student who decides to walk away from poker. However, he later gets sucked back into the game and quickly finds himself in debt to a crime boss. Film makers went to great lengths to make the poker scene authentic. For this reason you will see a number of poker celebrities in the film, including poker legend Johnny Chan. This film in particular, has been an inspiration to many budding poker enthusiasts.

James Bond movies are also well-known for including high stakes poker action in the setting of a casino. One of the most memorable poker scenes is found in the movie, Casino Royale. This scene features James Bond in a heated poker game with an evil terrorist. Bond is motivated to win the pot in order to keep it out of the hand of the terrorists. In the end, Bond is dealt a hand that was a long shot. In true Bond fashion he emerges victorious from the game.

Where does poker go next?

It's no lie that poker makes ridiculous amounts of money for both casinos and card rooms. One of the reasons that poker is so popular is that it plays with emotions, it's exciting and offers untold rewards. This is very similar to the experience that gamblers thrive, a reason poker and casinos go hand in hand. What's next for poker?

What we have seen recently is poker rooms trying to make it even more exciting for players. The formats of the game are getting more interesting. We now have speed Hold'em in which there's no waiting around. We also have progressive knockout tournaments, jackpot sit'n'go's and steps tournaments. This is the tip of the iceberg. We are likely to see even more formats to entice players into the game. Whilst you might not see all these formats offered in casinos - we are sure to see player volumes in casinos increase.

With increased player rewards year on year, we're sure to see more investment into the promotion and development of the game.


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