Rules of Billabong Poker

Billabong is in the true sense, a bit of an oddball of a game. Closely linked to Manila Poker, it actually takes elements from Stud Poker (initial deal being a mix of up and down cards) and also from community card games (there's a shared board dealt), such as Texas Hold'em. Billabong is more commonly recognised in the surfing world!

In the initial deal, each player is dealt four hole cards (as in Omaha), three down cards and one up card face up. The player with the highest up card should start the betting, aces representing the highest card. All players who wish to remain in the hand must match the highest bet made, raise or fold.

3 community cards are then dealt, the flop, followed by another round of betting. At this stage, just like in a standard game of Holdem, you can fold or stay in the hand (call or raise). After this round of betting, the fourth community card is dealt (the turn) and another round of betting.

There is then a final community card dealt and then a final round of betting followed by showdown. To win the pot you must make the best 5 card poker hand using either three or four of the cards in your hand (your hole cards) and either one or two of the community cards (depending on how many of your hole cards you use).

A typical game and the order of play is illustrated below.

All players are dealt 4 Hole cards, 3 down 1 up (pre flop) + Round of Betting

Billabong Poker - Arrow

The Flop (3rd community Card) + Round of Betting

Billabong Poker - Arrow

The Turn (4th community card) + Round of Betting

Billabong Poker - Arrow

The River (5th community card) + Final Round of Betting

Billabong Poker - Arrow

SHOWDOWN (Players show their cards & best hand takes the pot)

This game isn't played online at present. To see the games that are available, visit our Games Section for Room Comparisons for online games.


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