Rules of Blind Mans Bluff Poker

Blind Mans Bluff (also known as Indian Poker) is a variation of Texas Hold'em although it is commonly known as a children's game of tag. The standard version of the game has each player dealt one card and there is a round of betting where each player has to bet on the strength of the card on their forehead and the opponents around them. In essence players need to work out whether the hidden card they have held up is the highest card, based only on their opponents cards, which are visible.

What makes this game unique is that opponents get to see all other opponents cards, except their own, so are betting based on the cards their opponents hold, rather than their own. They will also be using the actions of others to determine the strength of their own card, which they will not have seen.

The Holdem version of the game has all opponents dealt two hole cards, which they are not allowed to look at. Opponents then hold the cards to their forehead so that the rest of the table can see them (ensuring that they cannot). Much like the standard version, there is a round of betting which opponents base on the strength of the other opponents hole cards that they can see. Additionally, it's an idea to get something to allow you to stick the cards to your head (so you don't have to hold them up and try to bet at the same time).

As you will get to see all other opponents hole cards except your own, you will be able to narrow down what you may or may not have. A good memory and a basic maths will come in very useful, particularly with the calculation of odds.

You will still get the standard number of community cards and there are betting rounds much the same as in Hold'em. The only difference is that you base your strength on what you can see on other opponents heads.

The game structure is as indicated below.

All opponents are dealt 2 Hole cards (pre flop) - Betting round

Blind Mans Bluff - Arrow

The Flop (3rd community Card) - Betting round

Blind Mans Bluff - Arrow

The Turn (4th community card) - Betting round

Blind Mans Bluff - Arrow

The River (5th community card) - Betting round


At showdown the best five card hand still wins the pot. That will be the first time you get to see your holding.

As play goes on and more hands are played, a good memory will help identify betting patters. You'll be well placed to see how an opponent bet once cards are turned and you see your own. If you were to see an opponent bet out with 2-3 off suit, completely missing the board, you would be fairly safe in your assumptions that you had him beat. Up against a 10-J suited, well it becomes a little more tricky. Of course the more opponents that you have in the game, the more accurate your predictions will be as you will be able to see more cards, thus narrowing the cards that could be dealt.

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