Rules of Cincinnati Poker

Cincinnati Poker is very similar to Holdem and the rules of variants such as Church. The game has had a recent surge in popularity and is particularly popular in the United States. The game is also similar in some respects to Omaha in that each player is dealt four hole cards instead of the two that you would get in a standard game of Holdem.

In Cincinnati, one community card (shared card) is now dealt face up to the table followed by a round of betting. Some people play the game in that all community cards are dealt face down and then turned up one by one after each round of betting. In this instance we will assume that each community card is dealt face up.

After the first betting round, the second community card is dealt, followed by a second round of betting. Hands will now start to be formed and it will be much clearer whether your hand has any potential. A third community card is now dealt followed by a third round of betting. Again much like Holdem, players do not have to stay in the hand and depending on the strength of their hand can fold at any point (as long as they play in turn). At this stage, and with only one more hole card to come, you will know whether you have any potential to improve. With the addition of extra hole cards you should dump your cards if you don't have a big hand, particularly if playing against more than 6 players. Fairly strong hands in Hold'em are usually crushed in this game.

The fourth community card is then dealt followed by a round of betting and then showdown. When the last community card is dealt, players use the four cards in their hands with the five on the board to make the best possible five card hand. See our (ranking of hands).

Four hole cards dealt to each player (round of betting)

Cincinnati Poker Rules : Pre Flop

First Community Cards dealt face up + Round of betting

Cincinnati Poker Rules : The Flop

Second community card dealt (round of betting)

Cincinnati Poker Rules : 2nd Community Card

Third community card dealt (round of betting)

Cincinnati Poker Rules : 3rd Community Card

Fourth community card dealt (round of betting)

Cincinnati Poker Rules : 4th Community Card

Fifth community card dealt (final round of betting)


Similar to a number of variations in which additional hole cards are dealt to players, players make much bigger hands more frequently which adds to the excitement. It is far more common for straights and full houses to be beaten by four of a kind's and Royal Flushes. As a result it is important not to place as much value on your starting cards that you would place in other games as it is very likely that without a huge hand, a player might well have bigger.

To date there is no online room that offers an online version of this game but it is a fun game and would be a great addition or alternative at any home game.

To see what is available online, check our games listings for details of the games played online.


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