Rules of English Stud (Poker Game)

English Stud is a variant of 7 card Stud, however the game is actually a hybrid of Stud and Draw Poker. In fact it's a Stud game with a number of draws incorporated into the game play.!

In terms of cards dealt, it's no different from 7 Card Stud. The initial deal will see two hole cards dealt face down, followed by the first round of betting. After the first betting round, an up card is dealt and a second betting round. A further up card is then dealt (now you have two down and two up) and a third round of betting. The fifth card is then dealt to players face up (now three up and two down) and this is followed by a draw. Here players have the option to throw away one card from their hand and change it for a new card from the deck.

Players will have a combination of up and down cards and the one that they replace must replace the one discarded. In other words, if it was a down card that was exchanged, the replaced card should be replaced as a down card. Similarly, if an up card is discarded, then the replaced card should be an up card. As players don't see down cards, there is more incentive to replace one of the hidden cards - this isn't always the right play though. Post draw, there is a fourth betting round. Remember at each of the rounds of betting, normal rules of poker apply. Players have the choice to stay in the hand or get out.

A sixth up card (now four up, two down) is then dealt and there is a second draw, in which players get to change a further card. This is followed by a fifth round of betting. The seventh and final card is then dealt face down, followed by one last draw and a final round of betting.

After this last round of betting, players now make their best five card hand with the highest hand taking down the pot.

Whilst this isn't played online - we have comparisons of the games that are offered. There are still plenty of Stud and Draw games on the offering - check our listings of games played online.


As players get to exchange cards on two occasions, games are usually limited to a maximum of six players, to ensure that you don't run out of cards in the game. The alternative is to introduce a fee that players have to pay, should they wish to exchange.

Keep in mind that there are a LOT of betting rounds. It's very expensive to stay along for the ride without a legitimate hand. Chasing cards can get very expensive.

You will read a number of articles that say that the initial deal is six and not seven. There are a number of variations to the game with some dealing six total, and some seven.


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