Fourplay Poker Rules

Fourplay is a 7 Card Stud variant and normally played with between three and ten players. All facets about the game are the same as 7 Card Stud with the exception of the introduction of wild cards to the game. Like so many other wild card variations, it's a game of monster hands and big pots!

Standard 7 Card rules apply, with the exception that throughout the game, all fours are considered wild, in that they can represent any card from the deck (or they can represent a 4, if that's what's needed). The game can be very wild as the addition of these wild cards means that players hit large hands far more frequently that you would in a standard 7 Stud game.

As such, hands lower down the pecking order, such as pairs and two pair are not often enough to win the pot as the game sees a huge amount of Flushes, Straights, Full Houses and better (see hand rankings).

As with any game, when wild cards are added, you should adjust your game, in particular your starting hand requirements. In short, you need stronger hands to enter a pot. One advantage, besides the thrill of hitting massive hands is that the disguise of hands is far easier, especially where there are wild cards in your down cards.

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