Rules of Limit Hold'em

Limit Holdem is a popular choice of game both online and live and commands enough players that it features in major tournaments around the world, including the World Series of Poker. Limit poker differs only in as much as there' a cap as to how much you can bet and raise in any one hand. In terms of how to play Texas Holdem - please visit our Texas Holdem rules guide. This guide will focus on the betting caps and how these limit what a player can bet or raise in a hand..

Limit Holdem Betting Caps

Unlike it's no limit neighbor, limit Hold'em has maximum and minimum amounts that can be met. In a no limit game, a player can bet everything he has at the table in any one hand. View of Limits OnlineConsiderably more risk involved in these games. That's not to say that you can't go broke playing limit games. Perhaps not as quick however players need to find small edges when playing limit games.

Let's look at an example. You are playing in a ring game in a $3-$6 short handed limit ring game. If you are playing online, the stakes will be indicated in the lobby under the heading 'Stakes' - similar to the image, right. 'NL' indicates No-Limit, 'PL' indicates a Pot-Limit game and 'L' will indicate a 'Limit' game. You will also see the stakes of the table. The highlighted row shows the stakes being $2/$4. In this case the smaller bet is $2 - the big blind is always equal to the small bet - so in this case blinds would be $1-$2. This is different from no-limit where the blinds would actually be $2-$4.

Once blinds have been posted, the play would go clockwise round the table (no different from normal). The first player to act needs to post at least the big blind. For the two betting rounds that occur pre flop and on the flop, players can only raise the value of the smaller bet, in this case $2. Any raises would be in increments of $2 (so $2... $4... $6 etc). On the turn and the river, the bet sizes are increased and players would raise by the larger of the two bets (.i.e. the value of the big blind) - so $4 and raises would be in increments of $4 (so $4... $8... $12 etc). There is very often a cap on the number of raises that can be made - usually 3 or 4. This stops two players from raising each other until one is all in.

A different strategy is needed when playing limit, as bluffing (especially in low stakes) becomes more difficult as it is of less risk for players to see the next card - players tend to call more than they do in no-limit games (cheaper to chase cards).

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