Rules of Napalm Poker

Napalm Poker is a unique game and our research indicates that it has originated somewhere in the North East United States. It looks likely that this is a home invention as there isn't a great deal of information on it. Still - it certainly looks a fun game - the reason we have chosen to include it.

The game uses a standard 52 deck. You will however need some form of token to play the game, in addition to whatever you are using to represent your chips. You can use any kind of token - these will not hold a monetary value at any stage throughout the game (so it really doesn't matter what you use). The pot will be awarded to the first player to win 5 tokens. What makes the game additionally unique is that there are side pots in play throughout the game.

Game Play

An ante that is used at the start of play with each player putting one chip into the pot (not 1 token - these are used separately). Two cards are then dealt to each player (face down) and moving clockwise round the table (starting on the dealers left), each player indicates 'Yes' or 'No' indicating whether they think they have the best 2 card hand. If no-one says yes, the dealer has the opportunity to say 'yes' - that they think they are best.

The rules dictate that players can then challenge the dealer by changing their answer to 'Yes'. After all, it's likely they would have said yes on the back of everyone saying no. This is the only scenario in which players can change their mind.

After all answers are given, if only 1 player has said yes, he/she is awarded a token. These tokens should be separate from your chips that you put in the pot. A box of matches will often do in a home game. It's only important that players keep count of their tokens - the aim is to win 5.

If two (or more) players indicate 'Yes', they privately show each other their hands and the winner (highest 2 cards) wins a side pot equal to the value of the pot. In other words the players who said 'Yes' who have the worst hand pay those with the best hand the value of the pot. The pot is not touched at this point.

If there is a tie between two players - the side pot is paid to each of the winners. In this case all those who said 'Yes' who didn't win, must pay both players and not just one! The more ties there are, the more costly it will be to those that don't have the best holdings.

If no players said 'Yes', there is no chips or token paid to any players. The dealer then will deal three more cards to all players (who will all now have 5) and again players must declare Yes or No - this time as to whether they have the lowest 5 card poker hand (aces are always high). Then 2 more cards are dealt to players (who will now all have 7) and players must make Yes - No declarations as to whether they have the best 5 card poker hand (using 5 of the seven cards). Again, following each deal, the same rules apply in relation to the side bets. Remember a single token is always paid to a winner - without them, you can't win the pot!

The dealer chip will then pass to the dealers left and a new game is dealt (the pot and players tokens continue to increase). Napalm rounds continue until 1 player has 5 tokens. At this point the game finishes and that players takes the whole pot.

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