Rules of Omaha Hi Low Poker

Omaha Hi - Low is a popular game online - although perhaps not as popular as standard Omaha. This is largely for the reason that players don't like to share pots - and in this variation, there will be a winner of the high hand and a winner of a low hand, provided one qualifies. This is an area that often causes confusion - knowing what the best low hand is.

With the exception of the addition of a possible low hand qualifying, Omaha rules apply.

General Game Rules

- Highest hand must split the pot with the lowest qualifying low hand

- Players must use 2 of their hole cards in combination with three from the board to make their highest and lowest hands

- Any two of the players four cards can be used for high, and any two can be used for low

- Aces can be played as either high or low

- In order to qualify for the low half of the pot the low hand must have no card over 8

- There is a three raise limit per round

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