Rules for Pot Limit Holdem

Whether you are playing pot limit, limit or no limit Holdem, the rules of Texas Holdem apply - it's really just the betting amounts that are at times capped. Limit poker simply has a lower limit that can be bet pre flop and on the flop and a higher limit that can be bet on the turn and river. Pot limit is as the name implies. You can only bet the value of the pot. No limit has no upper limit, allowing players to bet all of their chips in any one hand.

We won't go through the game play, as it's identical to Holdem - see our Holdem rules for game play.

Here is a quick recap on the order of play:

All players are dealt 2 Hole cards (pre flop) + Round of Betting

Pre Flop

The Flop (3rd community Card) + Round of Betting

The Flop

The Turn (4th community card) + Round of Betting

The Turn

The River (5th community card) + Final Round of Betting

The River

Showdown (Players show their cards)

Pot Limit Betting Limits

The betting limits are the only real difference from a pot limit game to a limit or no limit one. Whilst you can't bet everything you have at any time, you can bet the value of the pot, including any bets that are on the table - up to the maximum that you have. In other words if you have $10,000 and you end up betting everything with 2 other players in the pot - you can't win more than $10,000 from each of your opponents.

In terms of amounts you can raise, the limits are incremental and dependent on the amount bet by your opponents. Lets look at a few examples:

1) Play is on the flop and there is $20 in the pot. The action fold to you. How much can you bet? The maximum you can bet is $20.

2) Play is on the flop and there is $20 in the pot. The player to your right bets $20. How much now? You can either call the $20 bet or you can min raise $40 or raise a maximum of $60 ($20+$20+$20) in keeping with the pot size.


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