Poker Rules for Beginners

Sadly, there is no one universal set of poker rules governing all games. It might surprise you to learn of the sheer number of games and different variations that exist as well as the different rules that govern how these games are played. Fortunately as a beginner, there's an obvious choice in terms of starting point - Texas Hold'em. Many of the other variations can be excellent games to enhance your table skills, however at this early stage, it's wise to get to grips with the basics, so sticking to Hold'em would be wise. We list an extensive and growing list of the different games and the rules of these games - we also list the known variations. You'll find a good spread of games, ranging from the standard games right through to the bizarre!!

Within each of these guides we cover the game play, order of play, betting rounds and as well as definitions on the terms used. We also outline how winning hands are determined. Sadly not all of these games are available online due to their lower popularity. Check out our poker games section which outlines all the games currently played online. It's also wise to make sure you are allowed to play in your jurisdiction.

When you are ready to make a start, be sure to check out our range of starter bonus offers which will give you a kick start to your new bankroll. If you want to get straight into the comparisons, check out our online comparisons for each game or check out our top-lists. If you haven't found the game you're looking for try here.


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