Rules of Russian Revolution Poker

Russian Revolution poker is another of the many 7 Card Stud variants. There are however some fundamental differences in game play between the two games - namely the inclusion of a 6 wild cards. There are still 5 betting rounds, seven cards dealt and players still need to make the best 5 card hand from the 7 available.

The wild cards add another level to the game and quite simply - there are a lot of big hands made.

Red aces
Ace Diamonds
Ace Hearts
Red Nines
Nine Diamonds
Nine Hearts
Red Sevens
Seven Diamonds
Seven Hearts

Game play

The deal in this game is no different to that of 7 card stud apart from the following. Each player is dealt 2 cards down, 4 up cards and then another down card.

That's it - it's really just the up-cards that are different. If you are dealt any face cards you have the option to either buy a new card or fold. If your new card is a face card, you must buy another or fold. This means that you can't win a game with any face cards showing (in your face up cards). Otherwise everything is the same as in Seven-Stud.

When using the wild cards you can duplicate any of the cards that you have in your hand. For instance if you have a Ace of spades and you have a wild card in your hand you can use it as another Ace of spades.

This game was submitted online, so you won't find it playing in any room. See which games are available and how rooms stack up against each game.


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