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Online Poker Guide - An Introduction

With numbers of players online ever increasing, our online poker guide will take a look at the game to help improve your game to a profitable one (or more profitable). This is a great time to get involved, particularly with some of the recent troubles concerning the US. There has recently been much more of a drive across Europe and the Far East across many of the players in the game, all resulting in a boost in promotional offers across all the sites we promote.

You may or may not be experienced in the online game and Play Online Poker with Titan Poker for this reason we have a good range of player guides for experienced players and guides for those just starting out. When players start out online there are often concerns, quite sensibly, around how secure online sites are, for instance, is my money safe and are my details secure?

Online poker carries the same risk to your money as making any other transaction online from a reputable online shop. Doing anything on the internet carries some risk in that by even connecting to the internet you are exposing yourself to potential dangers. The fact of the matter is that you are no more likely to have wrong done to you depositing to a poker room than doing anything else. The only real danger is that you lose your hard earned money before you learn the game properly. In financial terms, online rooms make huge amounts of money and spend vast sums on their security so you will be in good hands.

Play Poker Online to Improve Your Game

I guess it is true in anything that we do in life, many of us want to be the bees knees from the word go. Whether playing online or in brick and mortar games, one fact is certain - the more time you spend playing, the more you will improve. If you have ever played a sport were you any good the first time you played it? You may answer yes and i can relate to that as some Learn to win playing Online Poker!people are naturally gifted. Let me ask you a second question - were you any better having played for a few years? Egos aside, the answer will be yes (regardless of how good you were to begin with). We get better when we do something for a sustained period of time. Start a new job and it takes you time to find your feet and get good at what you are doing. The online game is no different.

For those of use who enjoy playing, the internet brings a new dimension to the game. First of all you can login at any time and be in the poker playground of inside of a few minutes of switching on your PC. This has got to be a good thing but at the same time can give you a false sense of security. Just because you can't feel your chips online or see any players (physically) doesn't mean you shouldn't respect them as just like you they are real and pose a threat to your money. The truth of the matter is that with more and more players online than ever before (US aside) there is far greater opportunity to make money playing online poker.

Online, the principles of each game do not change in that it is still the same game and your decisions can make or break you financially. The main differences online are that it is infinitely more accessible, you have less time to act in any one hand and everything is graphically represented (virtual). On the other hand there is player chat in most room worth a look as well as a host of other interactive features, so you will get to meet friends and foes and pick up good amounts of information from those who just can't help themselves. Additionally at most top sites, you can take player notes, set yourself limits and there are a host of statistics available for use to give you more detailed information about your game, and your opponent's.

Choosing an Online Poker Room

This may be bread and butter to you. If so and you just want to get into some action, you can compare each room for your favorite poker games or visit our wide range of poker top lists. If you are primarily interested in welcome packages and bonus offers - visit our comparisons and compare our leading range of sign up bonusesUse Top15Poker guides to find the best online poker room.

Each room we advertise is one that we have already logged hours playing at. After all, sending you to a rubbish site isn't going to benefit anyone. We aim to advertise a good range of rooms that have something different to bring to the table. Some are better for player volumes. Others due to the amount of fish at the tables, whilst others offer sign up bonuses not to be missed. The picture changes month on month and keeping your ear to the ground can certainly pay dividends. If you have a room in mind, please be sure to use the correct bonus code to ensure that you get full bonus on offer. Some of our bonuses are automatic through Top15Poker links. If you need any advice or help in the sign up process, we would be happy to guide you through the process (our contact links are at the foot of the page).

Getting Started

We compare online poker sites by a huge number of different features. Here are a few of the more popular ones:

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For many more toplists on a range of other attributes and features - see all our poker toplists.


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