Online Poker Guide for Beginners

Online Poker is one of the most popular past times for millions of us around the world, helped by the fact that the game of poker is the game of choice for so many of us. Even after the withdrawal of the vast chunk of the US market and the initial drop in volumes that resulted, the numbers have continued to bounce back.

This online poker guide is targeted towards beginners to the game and will take a look at the game that exists online today. We will also point you to some useful guides to help you get to grips with the basics before you take the plunge. The primary aim when starting out is to start small and master the basics of play. This way you will be protecting any investment you make. Something that all players will attest to - it's considerably more enjoyable when you're turning a profit. The good news is that it is an incredibly exciting time to take the game up. Since the withdrawal of US players from most major online poker sites, there's fierce competition for business. This translates into greater rewards for you, both in terms if initial welcome bonus and the ongoing rewards that poker rooms are offering loyal players.

One of the first decisions you will need to make is which game you want to learn. Believe it or not, there are hundreds of games to choose from. See for yourself how many different poker rules and variations that exist. The most popular game of all games is Texas Hold'em and this is traditionally the game that new players learn first. It carries the most traffic online and is the game of choice in almost every major tournament main event. We have a guide on how to play Texas Hold'em that you will find useful.

How Safe is Online Poker?

Many players that start out have fears, naturally, around the safety element of playing online. Is my money safe? Will they do anything with my personal details? All very common questions. The fact of the matter is that online poker carries the same risk to your money as doing anything else online that involves money - you are probably in a better position as poker rooms spend millions to secure their customers transactions. Their business relies on it.

There is risk regardless of what you are doing. Open an email, log onto Facebook or do online banking. You are expositing yourself to risks the second you do anything online. You are no more likely to have wrong done to you depositing and playing on a poker room. The real danger that is something that should concern you is the risk that you lose your hard earned money.

Building Your Game by Playing & The Online Attraction

Learn to win playing Online Poker!For many of us, we want to be the best from the word go. Sadly for most, this isn't the case. Regardless of where you play and how experienced you think you are - the more time you spend playing, the more you will learn and improve. This is no different from learning anything else regardless of how naturally gifted we are. We get better when we do something for a sustained period of time - fact. We learn new ways to win and what to avoid - sadly that often comes with a price tag, but it is a price tag worth paying if we learn something in the process.

For poker enthusiasts, the internet brings new dimensions, mainly as it's available round the clock. You can login at any time and be in the poker playground inside a few minutes of switching on your PC. This has to be a good thing! On the flip side, this gives players a screen to hide behind, often giving a false sense of security and can promote idiotic play. You can't feel your chips or see any players (physically) however you should always respect your virtual players and the virtual chips in front of you. Your virtual opponents pose a real threat to your money. Online play is considerably looser as many people are a lot braver than they would be face to face. Ultimately, players can make ridiculous plays and not have to feel the stares that they would be attracting in a live situation. It's this infallible sense of grandeur that offers increased opportunities to profit.

Online, the principles of each game do not change. The main differences online are that it is infinitely more accessible, you have less time to act in any one hand, you can't get reads off your opponents (as easily) and everything is virtually represented. Other features which can be used to your advantage is player chat, notes, use of HUDs along with a host of other interactive features. You'll get to meet friends and foes and pick up good amounts of information from those who just can't help themselves. Additionally at most top sites, you can set yourself limits and there are a host of statistics available for use to give you more detailed information so you can see what is working and where your leaks are..

Selecting an Online Poker Room

Use Top15Poker guides to find the best online poker roomBy now you will probably appreciate that there are a lot of sites to choose from. We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you by comparing sites by the features you consider important. We have also ranked each room for their availability of poker games as well as by a further 17 toplists comparing different features. As a new player, you'll have additional rewards that you can claim including a sign up bonus and added extras which we have negotiated on your behalf. Check out all the bonus offers here.

Each site we list on is one that meets our seal of approval. They all have something to offer our playing community, which is a prerequisite before making it into our listings. The picture changes month on month and be sure to check back regularly. When you are ready to take the leap of faith, use the correct bonus code to ensure that you get full bonus on offer. A number of our bonuses are automatic through our links whilst others will require you to enter the bonus code when you register your player account for the first time. If you need any advice or help in the sign up process, we would be happy to guide you through the process.

Getting Started

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