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Top15Poker was built by myself, Richard Zikakis and my aim was to build a reputable online poker directory and a platform to be able to share my understanding and love of the game. The site was first launched way back in 2004 and I have been steadily building the content ever since. I now have a number of editors and writers who contribute to the site as well as a number of freelance developers and poker enthusiasts. To be honest it's quite a spectrum - the team all do however have one thing in common. We are nuts about poker.

I am a professional Software Test Manager with 14 years working in the largest Banks in the world (specialising in security and user capability). I like to think i know what good software looks like and I am keen to share my experience to get you playing on a platform that is safe, secure and one that you'll appreciate.

We have tried to add a varied level of content to cater for a wide range of players. As well as a huge number of guides and articles - a big part of the site is geared towards comparing online poker sites. For any old hand, it is well known that there are far more sites that players should avoid than those that are worth your time. Top15Poker.com strips out the sites to avoid and focuses on comparing all the top sites. We have developed a wide range of poker toplists in which we compare sites by many different features - head over there and take a look. We now compare sites by over 20 different key features and use an intelligent scoring mechanism to score each site.

What else will you find - why don't you take a look. I don't want to spoil the fun :)

I don't condone spam or use any intrusive programs or use any pop ups of any kind. You won't find a ton of flashy banners across the site. We have one golden rule - if it doesn't add value you wont find it. Happy hunting..


Important Beginners Guides..

Read this no nonsense guide on how to play poker - covering the basics and game play. Perfect for those starting out.

A no nonsense guide on how to play the game. Ideal for beginners looking to take the first steps on learning the game.

Check out this set of rules. It's as close to universal as you will get! Most card rooms use a variation of these.

We have a range of new player bonuses that will get you a bigger bonus that if you visited the site direct!

Before you start playing real money games, be sure to read up on these tips by the professionals.

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