Online Poker Guides

Poker is a simple game to play on the surface however it's actually incredibly complex under the skin. It's the understanding of this complexity and the execution at the tables that differentiates between a good player and a great one. We have a number of player guides covering both online poker and live play. 

Our aim is to share the knowledge we have on the game so that you can improve your game, reduce the mistakes you're making which will be costing you money, with the aim of positively impacting your bottom line.

General Poker Guides

General Poker Rules General Poker Rules

No nonsense beginners guide to the rules of poker.

Poker Hand Rankings Poker Hand Rankings

Learn which hands beat each other!

Poker History Poker History

Learn how the game of poker evolved to todays game...

Poker Glossary Poker Glossary

Learn all the poker jargon used on a poker table.

How to Play Poker How to Play Poker

Ultimate beginners guide to playing poker.

Online Poker Facts Online Poker Facts

Some not so well known facts about poker.

Online Poker Tips Online Poker Tips

Tips that are sure to improve your game.

Build an Early Stack Build an Early Stack

Building a big stack early can give you an edge.

Casino Poker Casino Poker

A look at why poker so popular in Casinos.

Playing Short Handed Playing Short Handed

We need to adapt when playing short handed poker.

Famous Poker Hands Famous Poker Hands

A look at some of the most famous poker hands that...

Reasons to Play Reasons to Play

Still pondering. Read why poker isn't for everyone...

Understanding Table Position Understanding Table ...

A guide that looks at the importance of table posi...

Reading the Board Reading the Board

Being able to read the board is essential

How the Blinds Work How the Blinds Work

An introduction to the automatic bets in poker.

Seeing a Cheap Flop Seeing a Cheap Flop

Seeing cheap flops can save you a lot of money.

When should i be bluffing When should i be blu...

How often should we bluff and in what spots?

Sit'N'Go Tournaments Sit'N'Go Tournaments

Sit'N'Go's can be highly profitable when played ri...

Using Odds in Poker Using Odds in Poker

Learn how to use simple odds to aid decisions.

Calculating Pot Odds Calculating Pot Odds

Guide looking at pot odds and their importance.

Odds - Easy Calculations Odds - Easy Calculat...

Odds doesn't have to be complicated..

Expected Value Expected Value

A look at expected value and how it works.

Online Poker Secrets Online Poker Secrets

Secrets the pros know which help their game.

Intro to Online Poker Intro to Online Poke...

An introductory guide to playing poker online.

How to make money How to make money

A look at how to make money in online poker.

Online Bonuses Online Bonuses

Compare all the best online poker bonuses.

Multi-Tabling Intro Multi-Tabling Intro

Playing multiple tables can increase your win rate...

Playing Heads Up Playing Heads Up

Learning to play 1 against 1 is essential.

Where to Play Online Where to Play Online

Compare the best heads up poker sites & bonuses.

Knowing Your Opponents Knowing Your Opponen...

Knowing your opponents can give you an edge.

Manipulating Table Image Manipulating Table I...

How to manipulate your table image for gain.

The positive attitude towards poker Downswings The positive attitud...

Understanding the impact a poker downswing has on ...

Starting Hands Starting Hands

Ever wondered how important hand selection is?

Hold'em Rules Hold'em Rules

Comprehensive rules for Texas Hold'em.

Player Ranges Player Ranges

Understanding player ranges in a game of Hold'em.

Controlling the Pot Controlling the Pot

It's important to control the pot in no limit game...

Slow Playing in Hold'em Slow Playing in Hold...

Learn how to slow play effectively in Texas Hold'e...

Where to Play Online Where to Play Online

Compare the best Texas Holdem rooms online.

Hold'em - Loose Games Hold'em - Loose Game...

A look at how to win those loose games in Hold'em.

No Limit & Equity No Limit & Equity

A look at fold and hand equity & their importance.

Sit'N'Go Strategy Sit'N'Go Strategy

See how your chip stack underpins your strategy.

Squeeze Play - Hold'em Squeeze Play - Hold'...

The squeeze play is highly profitable in the right...

Pre Flop Poker Pre Flop Poker

All you need to know about pre flop play.

Post Flop Play Post Flop Play

All you need to know about post flop play.

Poker Tournaments

Poker Tournament StructuresThere are many different types of tournaments and even more formats that the game is now offered in. Understanding the structure of the tournament that you're planning to play in will help define the strategy that you should adopt when playing it. As the blind structure varies wildly depending on the format that you're playing, it's key to have a clear strategy around how you intend to play. So what formats can you expect to find online?


Reading Guides on Poker to Help you Improve Your Game

Learning to Improve your Game

It's easy to think we know it all when we take to the tables. An essential trait that every great player has is his confidence. Very often though this breeds complacency and stupidity. Taking time to learn the game properly is essential if you're to make any serious money. Over confidence in the wrong spots and you're potentially risking your stack. Similarly, over confidence can often disguise bad play with players preferring to believe that it was only luck that went against them.

Reading poker related guides, visiting a popular forum and join in discussions, watching the top players play and making use of the thousands of videos out there will positively impact your game in the following ways:

  • You will be better equipped to know when to put your money into a pot;
  • You'll stay away from marginal hands out of position;
  • You will learn that your game has leaks and learn how to spot and plug them;
  • You'll understand how complex the game is and understand the need to keep learning!

Can Money Really be Won?

Huge sums of money change hands each and every day, and round the clock, so in short - yes. The caveat is that it takes effort, practice and a lot of patience. Anyone can win a hand or two of poker - the reason the game is so popular from every corner of the globe. The vast majority of players lose as they jump in feet first before they have learnt enough about the game to be profitable.

As with anything in life, you'll be as successful as the effort you put in. Good players know they aren't perfect but they spend time to learn how to plug leaks in their games and so keep enhancing their profitability. These players go from strength to strength and make serious sums of money. Will that be you? We certainly hope so! Hopefully our large collection of player guides will put you on the road to success!