Poker Games Available to Play Online

Top Poker SitesIt's often a big surprise to new players quite how many poker games there are. When you take into account the many different variations of each of the main games, there are a lot. You can see a list of variants our listed variants. The vast majority of players stick to the most popular game, Texas Hold'em - however there are many more equally great games that are good to get started learning. 

Our games comparison listings will show you that poker sites differ in terms of their offerings. When it comes to comparing one room with another, there are a huge amount of facts that can affect their popularity. We compare each room by all the key features, ranking them according to our view of their offering. Whilst you'll almost certainly find Hold'em and Omaha on all reputable card rooms, there are many other popular card games such as 5 or 7 Card Stud and draw games which are only on the bigger sites that can sustain traffic in these games. The games listed below are the selection that are currently played  online.

Our comparisons take into account availability, competition, quality of software, volume of players across games, security, bonuses offered, look and feel and customer service.

Top 5 Poker Games Played Online

Sadly there are limitations as to which games are hosted online. It largely comes down to how much traffic each game would drive. The more popular the game is, the more likely you'll find it at one of the top online poker sites. We have rules to cover all, however here is a small introduction to the top 5 in demand games played on the internet today.

Texas Holdem

Texas Hold'em is the #1 ranked game across online poker rooms and live card rooms. Hold'em is a community card game, meaning there are cards in each hand that are shared by all players. The idea is simple, players use their two hole cards (the two face down cards every player is initially dealt) along with the five community cards on the board (middle of the table) to make the best five card hand. The game can be played as no-limit, limit or pot limit. The shared cards are dealt in three stages with four betting rounds. Players won't know their finished hand until they see all the shared cards, so a key component of the game is to determine when to stay in a hand and when to get out.

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Omaha is the second most popular game online and is a bit favorite with the pros, especially online. It is very similar to that of Hold'em. The betting and the layout of the "community cards" is identical with the exception that each player gets dealt four hole cards (the cards in your hand that only you see) instead of the two in Hold'em.

Omaha has the same number of community cards  as Hold'em. The rules are such that you must use exactly two out of the four cards in your hand with any three on the board to make the best possible five card hand. There tends to see lots more flushes, straights and full houses as there are most cards available to construct your hand.

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7 Card Stud

7 Card Stud was the most popular variation throughout the last half century. Texas Holdem only surpassed it in popularity in two of the US legal poker centers, Las Vegas and Los Angeles around 1990. 

A hand would begin with an small ante for each player. Three cards are then dealt to each player; two face down and one face up. After the first three cards have been dealt, the player showing the lowest up card must make what is called a "bring-in" bet. The size of the bring-in varies depending on the size of the stakes.

After the action has been completed on the opening round, the dealer gives a face-up card to each player remaining in the hand. Unlike the first round, where the lowest hand was forced to start the action, in this second betting round, the highest hand on board has the option to start the betting- that is, the player showing the highest hand is called upon first to either bet or check.

On fifth street, you receive your third up card, and then there is a round of betting, again started by the highest hand on board. Sixth street is virtually identical: an up card is dealt, the highest hand acts first.

In 7 Card Stud, the betting on seventh street is identical to sixth street, but the card dealt is the last card you will receive, and it is dealt face down, meaning that like your initial two hole cards, they are for your eyes only. After you examine this final card, you assemble your best possible five card hand out of the seven in front of you and hopefully have the best hand to take down the pot.

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5 Card Stud

Five Card Stud is predominantly a game or pairs and high cards. Play begins with each player being dealt five cards, one at a time, all face down.

If more than one player remains after the first round, there is a "draw". Each player specifies how many of his cards he wants to replace, and gets rid of them. The deck is retrieved, and after a burn card (face down card dealt to no-one) is dealt each player is dealt the number of burn cards that they threw away. Following this draw, each player should be back up to 5 cards in their hand.

A second betting round occurs beginning with the player to the dealer's left who is still in the hand. This is followed by a showdown if more than one player remains, in which the player with the best hand wins the pot.

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Draw poker is any variant in which each player is dealt a complete poker hand before the first betting round occurs. As the name suggests, players then draw (replace) cards to make the best possible hand.

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