Cards to the 'Muck' (Poker)

The Muck has a number of meanings in poker. Firstly It's used to describe the discarded cards that a dealer would place cards that are no longer in play. This pile of cards ensures that folded cards are kept separate from the hand in play. The burn cards would also be placed into the muck.

The second use of the word is the verb 'to Muck' which means to fold ones cards. A player can also have their hand mucked if another player attempts to fold their hand and one of their cards accidentally ends up in another players hole cards. To avoid this players often place a chip or card protector on their hole cards (where they don't otherwise) to keep them safe.

In community card games, all players will initially be dealt 2 hole cards. The players who don't want to enter the hand will fold, or be "mucking" - also referred to as "throwing their hands to the muck". These cards would be placed into the muck pile until the hand is complete where cards would be shuffled ready for the next deal.


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