PKR Poker now available on iPad

Posted:April 2013

Already widely recognised for the unique 3D experience available to players at its website, PKR Poker has recently released an app that can be played for real money on your Ipad. PKR Launches new App for iPadThe most exciting part of the new software is that the app allows PKR players to have the same quality 3D presentation on their mobile devices as they would get on the full software.

With the app, members of PKR are able to play ring games and sit and go events on their ipad and is available for free at the Apple store. PKR is planning to soon expand the app to include many more features in the future, including access to all the other games and tournaments that they offer at their site. PKR Poker also plans to have their app available soon for iPhone and Android users.

The graphics at PKR Poker are perhaps the main reason that the site has become quite a revelation in the poker community. In their 3D version of the game, the poker table and felt look more realistic than ever in their simulated games. But PKR continues to offer more than just good looks. They offer a choice of several sign-up bonuses with players able to choose between an instant $5, 100% up to $150 or 125% up to $500. They also offer much variety of poker games including a large array of tounrnament options, some of them quite unusual.

In addition to re-buy tournaments and the double and triple chance events, there are other tournaments where you will get nicely rewarded with chips the longer you last. They also now run bounty tournaments in which it pays to eliminate players from the field. So PKR Poker continues to offer its players what they want and now they offer it with added convenience.

To get started visit PKR Poker today.


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