Own your own Racehorse for as little as 55 Cents!

Posted:April 2013

888 Poker offers its members a chance to get involved in another exciting sport and with it a prize that many might find a little unorthadox. In this latest promotion you can win a share in an English-trained Thoroughbred through the site’s unique “Race Horse Syndicate” promotion. Every two weeks on Thursday at 20:55 GMT, 888 Poker will be holding a tournament which rewards the winner with a 5% share in a race horse. The prize is valued at £3,000.

The winner will share in the horse’s race winnings, plus a share of the sale price should the horse be sold. You will also receive all the privileges of an owner, including a visit to the horse’s training center at the Kimpton training center in Berkshire. You will also be given access to exclusive owner’s events. Of course, you will also have all the excitement of watching and rooting for your horse on race day.

You can enter into the Race Horse Syndicate tournament directly for $220, or you can try to qualify for much less through 888 Poker’s satellite qualifiers. There are three steps to these events, with the entrance to step one costing only $.55. The step one tournaments are held every hour in the poker room at 10 minutes past the hour.

If you want to enter the Race Horse Syndicate series at Step 2, there are two tournaments every day which have a buy-in of $8.80. If you win a Step 2 event, you will advance to Step 3. Those satellites are held three times a week, on Monday, Thursday and Saturday nights and have a buy-in of $48.

Visit 888Poker to find out more.


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