Bet365 Poker Rewards Just Got Bigger!

Posted:April 2013

The lucrative VIP program at Bet365 Poker has recently been updated to increase the reward for its members. For example, if you have achieved Gold status and have earned 200,000 Merit Points for three consecutive months, you can receive a cash reward of $3,500, which is an increase of $500 over the previous reward. The increases keep going up as your totals grow larger. The new maximum reward for Platinum Players has recently been increased by an additional $15,000!

Any time you play in a game or tournament for cash at Bet 365 Poker, you will receive Merit Points. You’ll get 15 points for every dollar you contribute to the rake of a hand or in tournament fees and for a regular player, these mount up! The more Merit Points you accumulate, the greater their value and you can cash them in each and every month. Members can exchange their points for a variety of rewards, including both cash payments and tournament tokens.

Bet365’s VIP program has four levels, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Your status will be updated on the first day of every month and if your play warrants it, you can, unlike many other online poker rooms, advance more than one level at a time. If your level of play continues for several months, you will also receive a loyalty bonus from Bet 365 Poker.

Maintain your level of play at the Platinum level for three months and you will be given a $350 bonus. But you’ll be rewarded with better rewards the longer you keep up your level of play. For six consecutive months, you will receive an additional $800. If you continue at the Platinum level for a full year, Bet 365 Poker will reward you with a bonus of $1,750.

For those that don't play all that much, there is something for you too. If you live in the UK and Ireland, there is a FREE £5 as soon as you join the site. This is in addition to a $1,000 deposit bonus which is on offer to all players. Visit bet365 poker to get started.


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