PokerStars Software Issue

Posted:May 2013

Tonight PokerStars, the worlds largest site, experienced a site wide server issue that saw a halt to a number of tournaments and cash games. The issue was first experienced at 23.15 and it took some 20 mins for players to be kicked out of the site whilst technical issues were looked into.

This is very unusual for a site that is the most reliable provider around. It has to be said, the handling of the issue hasn't been the best in customer service with players being held in the dark  about the issue and when (or if) games would be resumed.

It now appear that some cash games have been resumed although all tournament action seems to have been affected. All tournaments are currently 'On Break' whilst the issue is resolved. Another area of discussion seems to be the fact that PokerStars seem to have reset player stacks to the hand before the issue was reported and so players who were either eliminated the hand before the freeze seem to be back in the game, although how many would have noticed..

This is a first for PokerStars and with players ranting around incorrect player stacks, only time will tell as to when normal service will be restored or not and whether the issues that have been reported will be resolved. Tournaments have now been in a paused state for 45 mins..

PokerStars issued an update on twitter which stated "The PokerStars site went down a few minutes ago. We're aware of it and are working on a solution. Thank you for your patience." It will be interesting to see how PS handle the issue..


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