More Freerolls than you can shake a stick at!

Posted:May 2013

Bwin Poker is rewarding its members for their play by giving them access to a special tournament. It's aptly named the “$5,000 Bankroll Booster”. Apt for the reason that it gives you a chance to boost your bankroll for next to nothing, every week!! The event is held every Sunday and provided you earn just 5 points, you can add this to your poker schedule and make it a regular calendar entry! To qualify for this event, simply earn five Bwin Poker Points in one week and you get an entry into the next week’s tournament. If you haven’t earned that many points during the week, there are other ways to get into the event (worth noting that 5 points is next to nothing!).

If you earn one Poker Point during a week, you can enter into a Bankroll Booster Qualifier. These are held three times a day with the top 25 finishers in each of these events being awarded an entry into the $5,000 tournament. The weekly Bankroll Booster is also available for new members of the site.

Once you have played in your first cash game in the poker room or have entered a real money buy-in tournament, you are eligible to enter a Bankroll Booster qualifier limited to new members. You don’t need to have any Poker Points to enter and you have your choice of two events a day.

The top 50 finishers in each of these events will advance to the next stage. The chance to play in the $5,000 Bankroll Booster tournament is in addition to the other benefits Bwin Poker offers to its new members. These include entries into Freeroll events as well as a bonus which is worth up to $500.

Other Free Tournaments

If low cost tournaments is high on the shopping list of things you look for in a poker room, well there's more going on at Bwin. They also run their Premium Freerolls. Each of the tournaments has a negligible qualification criteria requiring only a few points. Here is what you can expect:

Premium Freeroll giveaway!









As you can see there's plenty to keep you interested and is a fantastic way of building a bankroll for next to nothing! Visit Bwin now to find out more, read our detailed review or alternatively, our no deposit bonus offers might be of interest.


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