Sponsorship to become a Poker770 Pro for 1 Year!

Posted:May 2013

Poker770 has a ton of new promotions on the go including the addition of daily deepstack tournaments to their menu and the chance to become a team pro, sponsored for 1 year!

Members of Poker 770 who like the strategy of playing with a deepstack but don’t want to pay a large buy-in now have a daily tournament available to them. It's called the “€500 Guaranteed Deepstack Party.” Everyone who enters this event will be given a starting stack of 10,000 chips. With everyone having a lot of chips to begin with, the play tends to favor the better players, since the deepstacks tend to minimize the importance of luck, at least at the start!

You can buy into the nightly event for €11, but Poker 770 also offers two steps of satellite tournaments which can get you into the event for very little. The first step is the “Deep Stack Party Sit & Go,” which is offered daily by Poker 770. The buy-ins for these events are only €0.24. There will only be five players at each table in this format.

Victory in one of these Sit & Go events will advance you to the “Daily Deepstack Party.” These tournaments are offered once an hour most of the day in the poker room, with a starting time that is always 16 minutes past the top of the hour. If you want to buy in to one of these events, rather than win your way in through the Sit & Go, the cost is only €1.01. Poker 770 will give all of the winners of the hourly Daily Deepstack Party events an entry into the €500 Guaranteed Deepstack Party. Even though the guaranteed amount isn't enough to make you fall off your chair, the number of players always makes a nice prize pool.

What else is going on at Poker770

Poker770 always has a good number of promotions. Here is a little of what is currently on offer.

WSOP 2013 Packages - yes it's that time again. This year Poker770 is giving away $200,000 in main event packages (minimum!). They are running WSOP mega-satellites and giving away 25 x $13,400 packages! There are also $7,100 side event packages up for grabs as well as $4,000 experience packages to some of the smaller side events. 

Anonymous Tables - this is a fairly unique promotion. Play at their anonymous tables and you are playing anonymously! That means no other players will know who you are. Great for good players and bad players alike!

Speed Hold'em - seems to still be the craze at the moment. Play at the high speed Hold'em tables where you always have a hand in play!

Pro Bounties - bounty tournaments are always a hit. Firstly you get to play with pros. Poker770 have made it a little juicier. In any given week, bust one pro and win $100, two pros nets you $500 and $1,000 if you bust one pro who has taken a bounty in the tournament. In addition to this, bust three pros in the same week you get $2,000 and if you bust four props in the same week you get $50,000 and a one year sponsorship as a Poker770 team pro! Tournaments are 5 Euro to enter and run daily from 8!

There are a ton of other promotions running at Poker770. Visit now! Remember new player get a massive $2,000 bonus AND a $7.70 no deposit bonus!


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