Night Owl Tournaments at Carbon Poker

Posted:January 2014

If you're looking for some action late at night, Carbon Poker may just have what you're looking for - incidently this is one of the sites that still accepts US players - the site is now closed to UK players! This might be of interest for players either early and wanting to play a while longer without having to play another 6 or 7 hours. Whatever the reason, Carbon Poker has special events for you which they call “Night Owl” tournaments. Best of all, they're running each and every night.

They have been tailored a little differently by comparison to the events which take place at other more social hours of the day. They assume that most of the players who will participate in these tournaments are not looking to continue playing for a long time. As such, each one of the events is played in a 6-Max table arrangement with a Turbo format.

All Night Owl tournaments start at 01:00am and are played as No Limit Hold 'em events. The only difference between them is in the size of the buy-ins. Carbon has given a wide array of entrance fee options, so everybody looking for action at that late hour should find what they want. There are a total of five Night Owl tournaments available, with the lowest buy-in being just $1.10. That will get you into an event that offers guaranteed prize money of $50. If you're looking for higher stakes than that, Carbon also has another Night Owl event with a still quite reasonable buy-in of $2.20. For that money, you'll be playing for $150 in guaranteed prizes. The other three events offered are at 01:00 every night and are worth quite a bit more. For an $11 buy-in, you'll be playing for $600 in guaranteed money. For a $33 entry, you'll get into a $1,000 guaranteed.

The biggest of the Night Owl events has a buy-in of $109. This event has guaranteed prize money of $2,500. Though these events were designed specifically for players looking for a little tourny action at the end of the night - there's some good prize money up for grabs. With 6-Max and Turbo formats, these tournaments don't take long to play.

Night Owl Tournament Schedule

All five of these different tournaments each start at the same timer - 01:00am. You can find more information at Carbon Poker - you'll be entitled to a 200% up to $5,000 welcome bonus as well as a free poker odds calculator - should you want to join and play.


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