Qualify for WPT events through Steps Tournaments

Posted:January 2014

Party Poker satellites are now available to major upcoming World Poker Tour events. They have made the qualifying part of a “Steps Challenge,” which is a series of Sit & Go tournaments. If you play well enough in the series, you can find yourself competing for millions at some of the biggest tournaments in the calendar. The WPT tournament in this Steps Challenge is the “Fallsview Poker Classic,” which will be played in February in Niagara Falls.

The host site is on the Canadian side of the world famous natural tourist attraction. The Fallsview Poker Classic will have more than $4,000,000 in prizes this year. Party Poker has seven steps of qualifying for this event, beginning with “Step 0,” so called because it costs $0 to enter. To play in Step 0 requires a buy-in of 10 member points. If you win or finish second in Step 0, you'll advance to Step 1. You might prefer just to buy-in at that point, since the entry fee is only $1. Win a Step 1 Sit & Go and you move on to Step 2, which has a buy-in of $5.

Once you get to Step 3 in Party Poker's Fallsview Classic qualifying, the buy-ins become quite a bit higher. If you didn't advance to Step 3 from Step 2, the buy-in will cost you $20. The buy-in for Step 4 is even bigger, $100. If you compete in Step 4 but don't win, you will get a token to a lower-round qualifier if you finish from 2nd-5th place. Similar consolation prizes are offered for the next level, Step 5, which has a buy-in of $500.

The winner of that Sit & Go will advance to the final stage, Step 6. The players who finish, second, third and fourth will get another chance in the series. The player who finishes fifth will receive $90 in cash. Step 6 is the last level and offers an entry into the WPT Fallsview Main Event. There are two different Step 6 events. One offers a full prize package of $7,200 that includes the $4,800 Main Event buy-in, hotel accommodations in Niagara Falls and expense money. One top prize will be awarded in this tournament.

The other Step 6 event only offers the $4,800 Main Event buy-in. However, this Sit &Go tournament will give out two entries into the Fallsview Classic. If you want to skip all of the preliminary steps of Party Poker's Fallsview Sit & Go qualifying, you can buy-in to either Step 6 tournament for $2,000. Visit direct and find out more at Party Poker.


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