PKR Improves Mobile Experience

Posted:January 2014

PKR Poker has just released new software to be used on iPads and iPhones. The long awaited new apps are now available at the App store. They can also be downloaded for use with Android devices. The site already featured the highest quality 3D graphics and sound of any online poker room. Their new software will enhance the playing experience even more. While Mobile players will still find the great look and feel of the PKR Poker room, they will also discover several new features available. Play PKR Poker on the Move!The most prominent of these-and the one which PKR is emphasizing-is that players will now have the ability to multi-table.

With the new software, you can now play at as many as four tables at the same time. This is a feature that many online players have been able to use at other sites so this is a step in the right direction for PKR Mobile players. Most of the regular features you've come to expect when you play poker at PKR have been enhanced and improved by the new software.

The information about your past play will now be easy to access through your mobile device. This includes all of your PKR hand history. This information can be very useful to players and it is now available on your iPad or iPhone for the first time. Another improvement provided by the new PKR Software involves the way you can use your Friend's List. That information will now be easier to manage and it will also be easier to add new names to this list. PKR has also added a new account section that its members can use on their portable devices.

Any information you want to know about pending bonuses or deposits can be found in this new section, along with many other details about your PKR account. The new mobile software will also provide a good deal more information about pending tournament play. In particular, you will now be able to find out much more about upcoming Sit & Go tournaments that you can enter. With all of these new improvements to the PKR Mobile software, players who have already been playing at the site by using their iPhone or iPad will certainly notice the improvements.

And if you haven't yet downloaded the PKR app, the new software makes this an excellent time to do so. Visit PKR Poker for more on this.


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