Making money through Rakeback

Posted:February 2014

One of the most popular ways to earn, other than winning at poker, is known as a rakeback. Many sites offer it as one of the benefits that they will give to members as they increase their status in a VIP or Players Club. So what is it and how does it work?

It's money that was taken from you as part of your rake contributions. Whenever you play cash games, the house takes a percentage of each pot - this is known as the rake. The more you play, the higher the rakeback you will be entitled to. With the modern technology available, online casinos and poker rooms now track your contributions and know exactly how much rakeback to give you.

Unfortunately not all sites offer rakeback to players (especially the bigger ones). If you play regularly, then it's definitely worth looking into. To put some numbers to it. Assume you play $1-$2 stakes, 4 tables at once and put in an average of 4 hours per day. You would be contributing approximately $5,800 rake per month. That's a whopping $75,000 a year. Whilst the rate you can get back varies, some sites offer up to 30% or above. That equates to over $22,000 over the course of a year. I think you'll agree, it's a sizeable amount.

How can i Maximise my Rakeback?

In terms of maximising your earning potential, you need to shop around and see what's on offer. Contrary to belief - online poker isn't a get rich quick scheme. Many players make more from the online bonuses and rakeback than they actually win playing the game itself! If your posting a profit already, this is only going to add to your revenue stream. So is there anything you can do to maximise your money back further?  You should check how rakeback is calculated as it differs acrossthe many top poker sites that are out there. The two regular methods are through contribution and dealt. Contribution means the rake you actually contribute to the pot and dealt means if you're in the hand, you get an equal share.

The contributed rake calculation favours the aggressive sorts who play a lot of hands and are frequently raising and re-raising (and so contributing more to pots). Remember, the more you contribute to the pot, the more rake you pay; the more rakeback you can earn. If you're playing style is more passive, then getting an equal share of the rake for being in the hand, might be the better option.

The best advice is to play your game. Play your A-game. The rakeback is a side perk and together with your playing winnings will be a nice addition to your bankroll. You shouldn't be playing a different game to earn more rake - this won't end well. Before signing up to a room, do some research into the method by which rakeback is calculated. Find one that suits your playing style, bankroll and table limits.


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