1 in 15 Players get $150!

Posted:September 2017

We are pleased to announce a new promotion that will see to give a way a ton of cash to new players registering with any of our advertsied poker rooms. This promotion will run on top of all existing promotional room offers. 

We want our visitors to benefit from signing up through Top15Poker and we want to give you a little something back for your loyalty. Here is how it will work. 1 in every 15 players who join up through Top15Poker links and earn 500 player points will be paid $150 via their Paypal or Neteller accounts (except PokerStars and Party Poker which will be paid directly into your player accounts). This promotion is open to new accounts only.

On top of this, EVERY new account that earns the 500 player points criteria will be paid an additional $15 - with absolutely no strings attached. What's more, we will give you ANOTHER $15 if you help spread the word and tell people about the deal via your blog or on any other means such as a forum (this will require a link back to our promotion). Please note this additional payment is only payable where it is placed on an established site associated with poker.

Instructions on How to Qualify

1) Join up at any of our advertised poker rooms using the links on Top15Poker.

2) Earn 500 player points.

3) Take screen shots as evidence and sent to Top15Poker@gmail.com showing player points and user profile (full screenshots required).

4) We will verify that the account qualifies and you will be entered into our records. 1 in 15 will be rewarded with $150 as well as the $15 bonus.

5) Spread the word on your blog / forum / site with a link back to the offer and we will give you a further $15 - no strings attached. To do this, spread the word and link back to Top15Poker. Note: this link needs to have been live for at least 1 week.

When sending us an email, please include your USERNAME, Site you joined, the date, the screenshots as evidence and your Paypal / Neteller details. If you are joining PokerStars or Party Poker we will pay directly into your player accounts. Please ensure all this information is included - good luck!

The Top15Poker Team


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