Away from the Table - Sports betting and The Appeal

Posted:February 2019

Sports betting is a popular pastime for poker players. In fact more and more poker players favor playing at an online site that offer the availability of an integrated bookmakers. PokerStars were the latest big brand to add an integrated sports book to their online poker software. Whilst many were against the idea, one thing is for sure - it's big business.

All online bookies are not equal

To those who have shopped around, you will know all too well that one bookie differs quite a lot from the next. The markets are different. Some software is better than others. Some bonuses are better than others. The list is endless and it really all comes down to personal choice. Is the fact that a poker room has an integrated bookies a good thing? For ease of access, yes - but they don't always have the best software and very often don't have the best odds. is worth checking out as they review over 90 bookmakers providing their services online! The majority of them are based in Europe, but there are others who are set in the other parts of the world. Each review was carefully designed and comprehensive enough to cover every relevant detail of a particular bookie platform. The reviews are fairly comprehensive and they cover all the key areas that new players might be interested in, from the registration process to supported payment and withdrawal methods and available markets to bet on. 
On their comparison page, you can choose up to five bookmakers, and the system will automatically display its most important features. In a single table, you will have an overview of minimum deposits and bet amounts, additional features like in-play bets and live streaming, as well as the support for mobile apps and available bonuses. You can also easily access the desired bookmaker’s website by simply following the link provided on the page.

Use the Bonus Codes to Get More Funds!

Whether you are playing poker, playing at an online casino or joining a sports book - its criminal not to take advantage of the big bonuses that they have on offer. The good thing about being a new user of a gaming platform is that there are welcome bonus codes you can utilize to get additional funds and boost your bankroll. These bonuses range from deposit bonuses to no deposit bonuses, free bets, discounted bets - you name it - there are bonuses to suit all. To find them you need to shop around and compare what's on offer.

Discover How to Bet by Using Your Smartphone

It's easier than  ever to place bets using your phone. Online bookmakers are aware of the importance of keeping up with the latest trends and technologies. One of these is undoubtedly mobile betting, which is attracted an increased number of users in recent years. As a result, mobile technology has got better and better. Today, the mobile software is top drawer and most of the big online bookies have very playable apps to support their platform.

So what is the appeal to Poker Players?

Poker players live the thrill of the chase. The rush when they win big and the excitement in the moments up to a result. Sports betting is fairly similar and also, much like poker, has highs and lows. After all, a bet can be in one minute and a loser the next. There are a lot of similarities in terms of the swings that can be seen in very short time periods - and this is one of the key reasons that poker players love the excitement with placing bets.
 It is important, much like in poker, to protect ones bankroll. Sports bettors also have swings where sure bets just don't go their way - and much like in poker, when the heavens open, nothing much seems to go right. It's important that we bet at the stakes out bankrolls dictate. That means in a cash game, we should have x40 the minimum buy in and in sports betting, not placing bets worth more than 3% of our total funds.


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