Sunday Million 17th Anniversary $7.5M

Posted:January 2023

PokerStars have released a date for their 17th Anniversary of the Sunday Million. It's a date that every online player should get in their diary now. 26th March. Do it now. It is going to feature one of the biggest guaranteed price pools in a while. It's not the largest. 
Sunday Million - 17th Anniversary It depends whether we are talking record by number of players or record prize pool. The prize pool record belongs to GGPoker who hosted World Series of Poker Online main event on 28th October 2020 which had a $5,000 buy in. With 5,802 entrants it generated a staggering prize pool of $27,559,500.
A close second was the 14th Anniversary Sunday Million on PokerStars which saw a prize pool of $17M.
Most records by number of players all sit with PokerStars which has continuously broken it's own records. In 2008 the record was set by PokerStars which saw 35,000 players enter a $11 buy in event. Events to surpass that saw 65K in 2009, 149K also in 2009 and 225K in 2013 (which was a $1 entry event). 
The 16th anniversary event saw a prize pool of $10.4M and was taken down by BlackBeaty (who won $931,885).

Sunday Million Anniversary 17

The 17th Anniversary looks set to be a juicy one. PokerStars will need 37,500 to avoid an overlay. For a poker giant the size of PokerStars this should be an easy one - this one is likely to attract poker players across the world (that are allowed to play!). PokerStars are playing it safe though - they are allowing up to 5 re entries during the 24 hour late registration time period.
The event starts at 18:05 WET on 26th March. Players will start with a 20K stack. Blinds will start at 50/100 and will increase every 20 minutes. Play for day 1 will stop after the first 18 levels are completed. That equates to 6 hours of play on Day 1.
Day 2 will start at 18:00 WET and will break again after level 50. That means 32 levels of play. That's just over 10 hours for day 2.
The final table on day 3 will start when we are down to our final 9 players. PokerStars have actually omitted day 3 timings from the event at the moment but it's very likely the start time will also be 18:00 WET.

Top 3 Biggest Anniversary event take downs

The top 3 past champions who between them won the most amount from taking down the special edition Sunday Million were Vanessa "Niffller" Kade who beat 69,875 other players to win $1,514,920 (15th Anniversary). In 2nd place was 14th Anniversary champion AAAAurthur who won $1,192,802. In third was XAVI666 who won $1,093,204 (11th Anniversary). Not bad from a $215 buy in.
There is still 45 days (at the time of writing) to win your seat (or win multiple seats). Get started now. There are qualifiers running for next to nothing and special Sit'N'Go tournaments offering up additional chances to win your seat. 
Visit PokerStars to get involved.


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