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Indian Poker Rules

The rules of Indian Poker are as in Blind Mans Bluff (it is in fact the same game).

The initial deal is one card to each player and each player pays the amount of the ante for that card. The idea is that you must not look at the card you are dealt. Any player that looks at the card must fold their cards and are out of the game.

Each player holds his card up so that all players can see it. The game is often played where the card is pinned (not literally) on your head so all players can see the card (except the player holding the card). Action begins with the player to the left of the dealer, who opens betting. After all players have bet, based on what the other players have, each player looks at his card and the winner takes his pot. The game is played clockwise and the game continues until one deck is used.

In this game the high card wins the pot. The game involves a lot of guess work, and you have to look for tells on your opponents on what card they may have. Additionally, if only two players left in the pot and the other player has a two, you can be pretty confident that you may have him/her beat.

The game is good practice in reading people. As all other players at the table will get to see your card you will have the opportunity to judge how strong your card is by how they react. The same principles are important at any table, the difference being that you will watch people react to their hole cards instead of exposed cards that they can see on other players.

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