Online Poker Championships – Greenland

Posted:January 2013

It is hard to believe for some that the people of Greenland have joined the bandwagon and are playing online poker. For many of us, when we think of this country, we think igloos, endless winter nights and indigenous people wrapping up warm to get through the long cold nights telling tales of their ancestors and hunting victories. And while we believe that much traditional story-telling and hunting still takes place, online poker seems to have also become part of their modern day culture. In fact online poker championships have been taking place in Greenland since 2007.

In 2013, the Greenland Online Poker Championship (GPC) wishes to also include Nunavut. There is even a unique GPC online poker site which unfortunately hasn't graced our poker toplists. That said, it's a nice touch that they wish to extend this invitation to include Nunavut players in the championship games.

While culturally speaking, online poker might not be the kind of game their governments want to encourage, it shows us that online poker has reach the proverbial four-corners of the world we know. It emphasizes the fact that this game of skill is embraced by fans world-wide.

It is also the kind of game that can be played by people from all walks of life, age, race or cultural background, where a great deal of money can be won. The annual championships in Greenland has attracted around 200 players yearly since 2007, and organisers understandably want to make the competition a little more 'international'. At the end of the competition the overall winner bags the title of “Greenland master of online poker”, and organisers believe they have some of the best players out there. We say well done, we love online poker ‘feel-good’ stories.

We will have more on this Championship when further information is available.

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