Can you play poker online using cryptocurrency?

Posted:June 2018

Many of the world’s top sites use regular “fiat currency” like the dollar for transactions and buy-ins. All this is changing with the advent of cryptocurrency poker sites. These innovative sites use the latest technology to provide an enhanced experience and to make poker available to players all around the globe. 

Cryptocurrency and Poker

You have probably already heard of cryptocurrency, a decentralized digital currency, which exists on the blockchain. The most well-known is Bitcoin, but there are many other coins and tokens. The blockchain is a record of transactions stored in blocks and joined using encryption. 
Though it can be useful to have a digital currency on the blockchain, the coins and tokens have other uses. So much so, the economy around the coins has built up so that businesses have started accepting payments and providing services in cryptocurrency. 
You don’t need to know much about the technology behind cryptocurrency to get started with a poker site. If you want to know more, you can read up on the fundamentals behind the crypto world, but if you just want to get started, there are many cryptocurrency poker sites now in operation.

How to Play Cryptocurrency Poker

Finding a site to play cryptocurrency poker is easy. CoinPoker was one of the first to offer a cryptocurrency service with an exclusive ether-based crypto-token to use for play known as Chips (CHPs). The site is fully operational and runs on the blockchain (more on the advantages of this soon!). To play:
Download the software and sign up. The registration is a simple process, with no need to hand over unnecessary personal details. 
You may want to play freeroll games on the site to test out the software and get a feel for it. You can also win CHPs in these games. 
To get started playing poker for cryptocurrency, you will need to download an ether-based wallet that is compatible with CHPs, such as the official Ethereum wallet. You can then buy CHPs from a reputable exchange and transfer them to your wallet. Deposits and withdrawals are made directly from your wallet. 

Advantages of Playing Cryptocurrency Poker

There are several advantages to playing poker at a cryptocurrency site. Using digital coins and tokens allows for an easy and lightning-speed withdrawal and deposit process. Using cryptocurrency also makes poker more accessible across the world, where playing for fiat currency can be legally complicated
Transactions both on and off the tables are recorded on the blockchain for complete trust and transparency, with no third party needed. The team at CoinPoker have no access to your funds and no say over the outcome of the poker games. If you ever doubted whether a poker site was legitimate, there’s no need to doubt here. 
The RNG that “shuffles” the hands is validated on the blockchain to make sure all games are fair, guaranteeing no scams and fair play. 
All in all, there are several advantages to playing at a cryptocurrency poker site. Using tokens results in a simple registration and transactions while the blockchain technology ensures the site is fair — from the hands dealt to the payments made. Why not give it a try? 


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