Rules of Six Kick Poker

Six Kick is a 7 card stud variation and is commonly played with between 3 and 8 players at the table. One of the main differences is that in the deal - only 6 cards are dealt. You could argue why it's classed a variation of 7 Card Stud. Fair point.

To kick off the action, each player is dealt 2 down cards and one up card, followed by a round of betting. An up card is then dealt to each player followed by a second round of betting. Players now have two up cards showing along with their initial deal of two down cards. Players are then dealt a further up card and another betting round. A fourth and final up card is then dealt and another betting round. Players will now have 6 cards; 2 down cards and 4 up cards. After the 6th card has been dealt and betting is complete, each player now has the option to have two cards in their hand replaced, each with it's own betting round. Initially they choose just one down card or up card. The cost of exchanging depends on whether it's an exposed card or not. If an up card (card visible to other players) is chosen to be exchanged, it costs the amount of the last minimum bet. If it's a down card selected, it costs twice the minimum bet. Once each exchange is made there is a betting round followed by showdown.

It's important that If you replace a down card, your replacement card is also a down card; the same applies to any exchanges for up cards. Each exchange or draw is called a 'kick'; the 'six' refers to the number of hole cards dealt.


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