Getting 'Action' in Poker

Action has a fewer meanings in a game of poker. One of these meanings is where it's an opponents turn to play. You might say "action is on you"'. Action is also used to describe the level of betting in any given game. Where play has resulted in a big pot, there would have been plenty of 'action'. Similarly if there was no betting in a given hand, there would have been little money in the pot, and so 'no action'.

The term is often used in this way when a player holds a big hand, say a pair of aces and the player tries to induce opponents to bet. They would be trying to 'induce action'. This is why is is important at times to act weak when you have a strong hand. If you advertise your hand other players will just fold. So, the more betting there is, the more 'action' there is said to be.

Whilst this is a term very much associated to poker, it is not the only sport that uses the term. There are hundreds of other sports and activities that use the term. For instance, fishermen use the term to signify the amount of fish that they catch.

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