Making a 'Straight Flush' in Poker

A straight flush is a straight in which all cards are the same suit and are in numerical sequence, for instance 2 Spade 3 Spade 4 Spade 5 Spade 6 Spade. This hand is pretty rare and in fact you'll only hit 1 in every 72,193.33 hands. Incidentally, it also shares it's name with the B-29 super fortress that participated in the attach on Hiroshima on 6th August 1945!

In standard rankings, this is the second best hand that can be made beating even four or a kind. Aces can either be high or low cards when making a straight. It is possible to have two straight flushes in the same hand (although the odds of this being the outcome would be astronomical). The winner would be the person with the highest card. Remember the King would be the highest straight-flush card that would be in the hand. An ace high straight-flush would be a Royal Flush, the best 5 card hand hand that can be achieved in poker.

A common mistake is to overplay suited connectors as they represent the possibility to make the flush, the straight or both. The problem with playing small suited connectors is that these won't connect with the board most of the time making them a low percentage play. When hands like 6 Spade 7 Spade make the flush, it can be very costly when an opponent makes one also, as it's very hard to lay down..


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