Party Poker Available to Android Users

Posted:May 2013

The addition of android availability at Party Poker is not only well overdue, but also very welcome to a lot of Party Poker players. Party Poker goes AndroidFor years, Party Poker has only been available through a PC, however now your smartphone or tablet can also play their games. It’s very easy for members of Party Poker to download the app onto their Android device (which is available through the Party Poker site).

Use your mobile phone or tablet to access the Party Poker site, then scan the “QR” and you will have access to all the action. Though the app is not available through the Google Store, updates will still be offered and announced by the site whenever they become available. As an additional layer of security, you will always be notified when you access the Party Poker website through your mobile link.

For the moment at Party Poker, you will still need to access the site through a computer if you want to deposit or withdraw money but you will have access to both real money and play money tables through the app. We were surprised to hear that depositing and withdrawing money wasn't available on the app - this is a big miss! We do however expect this to be resolved quickly so we wouldn't think it was going to be too long before this was available.

You can also take part in the real money “Fast Forward” games offered by Party Poker. This is the high speed format which removes all the time between hands that you would have on a traditional game of poker. In this format you can fold your hand and be moved immediately to another table where you have your next hand. There is no waiting for the other players to make decisions which means you hit a considerably higher hands per hour.

You will also be able to take advantage of Party Poker’s “Quick Seat Lobby” which lets you choose the game that you will play. You can decide what variation of poker you want, how many players you will be competing against and you can also decide the stakes of the game. The Quick Seat Lobby will quickly find you a spot at the game you’re seeking. This is a big help, especially when using mobile devices as the screens are often smaller and navigation a little more tricky. Having this available will allow you to preset what you like to play and it does the hard work for you.

If you haven't tried Party Poker yet - it's a pretty good hunting ground, mainly as it houses an inordinate number of bad players (many Newbie). This is also the reason it is #1 in our easiest poker site to make money toplist. Visit Party Poker or read our detailed review.


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