Showdown in Poker

Showdown occurs after the final found of betting when two or more players remain in the hand, players will turn over their hole cards to reveal their cards. In most games, such as Omaha and Holdem, players won't know what cards other players are holding. The aim of most poker games is to get others to fold so as to be the last man standing (who wins by default) or get to showdown with the best hand.

Players will often represent a big hand when they are weak and show weakness when they are strong. At showdown, there are no more betting rounds and all that's left is to compare hands and see who takes down the pot.

The winning hand must always be shown in order to win a hand. Where a player shows a winning hand, players with an inferior hand often do not show their cards and will throw cards to the muck. This is often to prevent giving away any information away about how they played and how they played it.


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